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The Parliamentary round-up

Adam Price, a Plaid MP, attempts to make a splash:

"Adam Price: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will seek the addition of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland to the UN's list of territories in the process of decolonisation".

Bryant did not really enter the spirit of things with his response:
"Chris Bryant: The arrangements of Chapter XI of the UN Charter (Declaration regarding Non-Self Governing Territories) relate to former colonies for the purposes of domestic and international law. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are part of the UK".

Mind you, the Hansard subs called the question 'devolution'.

Quite possibly question of the week from Ann Cryer:

"To ask the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs what assessment he has made of the role of ornamental plants in mitigating the effects of climate change".

There has been no research, by the way. I lack the energy to look up Keen's expenses, but I smell an excuse for overdoing it on the yucca plants being staked out.

Not a lot else of interest, so here's a list of MPs who felt that Michael Martin deserved a tribute:

Mohammad Sarwar (Glasgow, Central) (Lab)
Dr. William McCrea (South Antrim) (DUP) - Possibly on behalf of the DUP overall.
Mr. Alan Williams (Swansea, West) (Lab) - In part as Father of the House, but note this emetic bit:

"You were a triple-first candidate: as has been said, you were the first Catholic, the first metalworker and, unsurprisingly, the first teetotaller to occupy the Chair".

Well whoopy-do.

Mr. Elfyn Llwyd (Meirionnydd Nant Conwy) (PC) - as party leader
Sir Gerald Kaufman (Manchester, Gorton) (Lab)
Sir Nicholas Winterton (Macclesfield) (Con)
Mark Durkan (Foyle) (SDLP) - Probably as party leader
Sir George Young (North-West Hampshire) (Con)
Sir Stuart Bell (Middlesbrough) (Lab)
Dr. Richard Taylor (Wyre Forest) (Ind)
Mr. Bill Olner (Nuneaton) (Lab)
Sir Peter Viggers (Gosport) (Con)
Mr. Frank Doran (Aberdeen, North) (Lab)
Mrs. Eleanor Laing (Epping Forest) (Con)
Mr. David Clelland (Tyne Bridge) (Lab)
Angus Robertson (Moray) (SNP) as party leader
Miss Anne Begg (Aberdeen, South) (Lab)
Bob Spink (Castle Point) (Ind)
Kali Mountford (Colne Valley) (Lab)
Mr. Geoffrey Clifton-Brown (Cotswold) (Con)
Dr. Gavin Strang (Edinburgh, East) (Lab)
John Bercow (Buckingham) (Con)
Judy Mallaber (Amber Valley) (Lab)


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