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How to hack off Turkish neighbours

Be an unmarried Jewish American couple with a taste for the demon drink. Mr and Mrs Yilmaz won't like that at all.

And how do we know this? From an odd poll by Turkish title Miliyet, and picked up by Ha'aretz:

"A new study...said 64 percent of Turks would not want Jewish neighbours.

The study also suggested Turks had a low tolerance for diverse lifestyles in general, as three in four respondents said they would not want to live next to an atheist or anyone drinking alcohol.
Results...also stated that 52 percent would not want Christian neighbors, 67 would not want to live next to an unmarried couple and 43 percent would not want American neighbours".

How very liberal of them. The full detail is here somewhere I presume, although my command of Turkish does not go much further than khan, janissary and yoghurt.


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Anonymous Ross said... 4:52 pm

The WorldValuesSurvey.org asks similar questions in a lot of countries. The only country where Jews are less popular as neighbors is Iraq.

Interestingly 55% of Turks wouldn't want to live next to Muslims either.  

Blogger Henry North London said... 6:22 pm

You should come and live in wood green There are loads of turkish cypriots....  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:32 pm

Ross - No wonder the brothers Saatchi left the place. Thanks for the detail.

HNL - and terrific food they have too.  

Blogger Henry North London said... 6:40 pm

Oh yes I got 5kg of tomatoes for £3.49 ( all vine)

and a 2 kg box of cherries for £6.99

Even if I resold them at Marks and Spencer prices I could buy another couple of boxes for myself  

Anonymous Eumenides said... 12:35 pm

And 90% of Turks would be so offended by the idea of having Armenian neighbours that they would happily murder them, move into their house and then claim always to have lived there (and violently assault anyone asserting otherwise).


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