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The loneliness of the French free-marketeer

La Croix, the French equivalent of The Tablet or the Catholic Herald, has polled the French on the credit crunch and so forth, and c/o TNS-Sofres, the results are in:

'Regarding the market economy, what do you think?

It is the best possible system and should be kept - *5*%
It is the least bad and should be improved - 61%
It is a very bad system and should be changed - 29%
D/K - 5%

Which of the following would be a good or bad idea?

To further regulate and control the banks, investments funds, pension funds?

Good idea - 92% bad idea - 6%

Set a ceiling on bank director remuneration and block golden parachutes in the case of poor results?

Good idea - 89% bad idea - 8%

Urge companies to focus less on short term profitability and more on long-term results?

Good idea - 89% bad idea - 8%

Crack down on tax havens?

Good idea - 86%, bad idea 11%

Nationalise banks and the finance industry?

Good idea - 45%, bad idea - 48%

Group all the banks in each country into one public service bank?

Good idea - 31%, bad idea - 64%

I wonder which country's nationals would be howling loudest about the collapse of the economy and a tanking in the value of pensions if some of those measures came to pass, eh? Meanwhile, the works of France's very own Frédéric Bastiat are in print. The Candlemaker's petition is here, in English. A good, short read.

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Anonymous Pericles said... 8:49 pm

Some French people are quite pleasant, but on the whole, most of the ones I have met have no intellectual curiosity. As such, France is less interesting than it used to be. Boring would be the most apt word, sadly! The French seem depleted. What would liven them up? Nothing!

The Revolution and two world wars evacuated their gene pool and the dysgenic were left to breed. Such is life. Merde 'appens!  

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