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Localism vs nationalism

IFOP has polled Gauls on attitudes to their communes, départements, regions and La France, throwing up some somewhat unexpected results, to whit Trots have their greatest overall loyalty to France, and Frontistes to the communes. Gaulists are the only other group with the attachment to the nation being strongest, while Frontistes have the greatest loyalty to their départements and Bayrou's liberals are the keenest on their region. the dreaded Parisians (or rather those from the Paris region) show the greatest loyalty to France and the least to commune, department or region, while the NW and SE also lead with France. In the SW and NE they lead with communes, while the NE and SE have the greatest enthusiasm for their regions.

The poll was commissioned by Sud Ouest France as there is talk of amalgamating the powers of the départements and the regions.

That the French departmental system was a deliberate attempt to cut through pre-existing local loyalties is not in doubt, and I know of at least one Breton who refuses to use a department name / number on his correspondence, preferring the pre-1789 divisions based on bishoprics. That notwithstanding, the majority opinion wants to keep departments, and on the vexed issue departmental numbers on licence plates, 7% want to dump them because 'It will prevent drivers from certain departments being the target of mockery and bad behaviour'. Crikey. Meanwhile, 71% want to keep them.

Returning to these parts I think my strongest loyalty - my moniker notwithstanding - is to the UK, although were I to spend much time away the South East I might feel different.


Meanwhile, while thinking of making this a rather broader post, I dug up a map of the horror that might have been inflicted on the English county system if the Redcliffe-Maud report had been implemented.

Makes the evil done by Heath in 1974 look quite mild.

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Blogger Guthrum said... 12:59 pm

Wessex man !  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:09 pm

I've spent my entire life within the orbit of London or in London itself, so my loyalties are a tad torn between Surrey - land of my birth and home now, and Essex where I resided in my youth etc.  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 8:49 am

I am becoming increasingly enthusiastic about my adopted part of South London, but still feel most at home in the GLA's West Central constituency.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:55 am

Not a bad neck of the woods, but try fitting it to any song that names a place.

I have been wasting my time trying to Croydonise 'Dixie', and it has reached beta testing - I sing it in the bath.  

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