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Where not to park

Care of London Councils, which provided the data, and MS Paint, a map of parking fine hot spots in London. Note "6,176,752 penalties were issued in London in 2007/08 for illegal parking, driving in bus lanes [etc etc]".

Red (Westminster and Camden) managed to levy 824,687 and 529,874 parking fines respectively in the year to March

The next tier (yellow) between 150,001 and 300,000 fines each

Tier three (green) 100,001 to 150,000.

Tier four (pale blue) 50,001 to 100,000.

Tier five (dark blue) - City, Sutton and Havering, a derisory 0 to 50,000. Lest folk make haste to park in Sutton, Suttonians live under a reign of terror clamper-wise - it leads London boroughs for that particular form of extortion.

I do not have a car, so this is not really my problem, but it has long been clear that parking fines and so forth have precious little to do with keeping traffic flowing and an awful lot to do with tax farming. My brief rant on the topic is here.

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Blogger Alan Douglas said... 9:17 am

Sutton is a dreadful place. I actually gave up a work-route because I could never get a day's work done under their care and love. The 2 fines of £ 30 each meant the day went from bearable to a loss.

I have watched their wardens RUNNING between "offenders" to get more tickets on.

And the holier-than-thou tone of the justifying letters was the final cherry on top !

Alan Douglas  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 8:03 am

Mr C - you are an avid mapper, have you seen the crime maps "beta"?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:42 am

Alan - Mind you, it *used* to have at least one very good second hand bookshop.

BE - I have, and have mulled on a post.  

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