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Trade unions for monopoly capitalism

Not that they expressed it in exactly those terms, but they do not like the idea of BAA being force to sell an airport or two:

"Unite, Britain's biggest union is today raising serious concerns at the likelihood of BAA being forced to sell 3 of the UK's 7 airports".
Unite national secretary, Steve Turner, said: "Any attempt to break up BAA will be resisted. This union and our members will not sit back while the market plays games with their jobs and their terms and conditions of employment.

"Airports are an essential part of the UK's transport infrastructure, they are the gateway to our nation and further development and expansion is central to plans for economic growth and success".

And here's the bit I really like:

"If what is being said is that the privatisation of the UK’s airport infrastructure has failed, as it has following the sell off many other areas of privatised infrastructure and utilities, perhaps now it is the time to bring this essential infrastructure back under public control".

Many? Not all? He'll be running from a lynch mob if he shows up at the TUC's conference. Still, maybe his second clause will get him off the hook. I am sure we are all dying to see BT, Carlisle pubs, BA and the like expropriated and under the supervision of Brown's drinking buddies.

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Blogger CityUnslicker said... 2:54 pm

wait until Ryanair buys Stanstead, then we will see some fireworks.  

Blogger Letters From A Tory said... 8:28 am

Honestly, what a joker. Our airport infrastructure has been run into the ground by the lack of competition - good riddens to BAA's monopoly  

Anonymous Neil Reddin said... 6:50 am

Whay shoudl the unions oppose a sell off?

Without a monopoly, airport workers, particularly those in the more specialised jobs, will have a choice of who to work for. Competition for labour means that they can switch employers to improve pay and conditions instead of relying on the unions...

Oh I see.  

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