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Credit where it is due department

Bean counters, 'Professional services organisation' KPMG has polled CFOs and the like on value added indirect taxes, and our lovely VAT system is reckoned the most VAT friendly of the systems in the major economies. Italy comes last and the US eleventh.

I will give the Dour One no credit for this, as doubtless he is intent on doing a similar number on VAT to that inflicted on the rest of the tax system, and any readers who suffer VAT returns can be excused for being in a state of shock.

Give KPMG's fun and games with tax shelters a few years back, I admire its chutzpah for drawing attention to tax issues, frankly.

No mention of KPMG would be complete without drawing attention to its hilarious corporate anthem, available as an MP3 for the strong of stomach / those who have been living under a rock here.

For those lacking PC speakers etc, this is the chorus:

KPMG - We're as strong as can be,
A team of power and energy,
We go for the gold, together we hold
Onto our vision of global strategy!

Further lyrics here.

Go on, click on the MP3, you know you want to.

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Anonymous JuliaM said... 10:22 am

"Go on, click on the MP3, you know you want to."

*suspiciously* You aren't rickrolling, are you...? ;)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:25 am

Julia - Would I lie to you?  

Anonymous JuliaM said... 11:39 am

Oh, my...

Do they weed out those who can't sing it while keping a straight face?  

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