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And today's brass neck award goes to....

...Pravda Central, for this little gem in a release on 'e-borders':

"The announcement comes as the Home Office publishes 'A Strong New Force at the Border' its strategy for ensuring the UK continues to have one of the most secure borders in the world".

Go tell it to the marines.

And there's more, as the Jacqui Smith seems to agree:

"The UK has one of the toughest borders in the world and we are determined to ensure it stays that way

Yeah, right. I am sure the Israelis will be simply begging for hints and tips.

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Anonymous Verity said... 1:01 am

How can Jacqui Smith be brain dead yet continue to breathe unassisted?

It's a miracle!  

Anonymous nomad said... 6:58 am

As any seasoned traveller will tell you, if JS thinks the UK has tough borders, she really does need to get out more.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:30 am

And yet when she loses here seat in the May 2010 massacre, she will waltz straight into a high paying job for some quango, you'll see.  

Anonymous Umbongo said... 9:53 am

" . . she will waltz straight into . ."

Not carrying that amount of fat she won't: she'll get her highly paid non-job alright but she'll stumble into it. Actually, a non-executive directorship of one of the IT incompetents currently contracted by the Home Office is just as likely. Or both!  

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