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France - what's hot and what's not

Les Echos has grilled private sector Gauls as to where they would be prepared to move for work, so courtesy of their data (and my mapping - the crapauds used a PDF...) here's where to go if you want to hang out with the young Turks, or how to avoid them:
Red is where 56-72% would regard relocation there as desirable
Orange - 40-56%
Yellow - 24-40%
White - 8-23%

That they fancy the South is no huge surprise - Provence-Alpes Cotes d'Azur is top at 72% - and I know that the West is generally well favoured. There is no option to choose the DOM-TOMs - Martinique, Tahiti and - ahem - St Pierre & Miquelon etc, otherwise doubtless that would scoop the pool. However, I assumed that Nord-Pas de Calais (17%) would be bottom of the heap, but it isn't - that honour goes to Champagne Ardennes at 8%. Shame they did not take it down to departmental level.

As to the more adventurous ones, it isn't Kensington they are all pining for, but rather Montreal and Geneva, with Quebec, ahem, Canada (88%) leading followed by the US (73%), Switzerland, Spain, Luxembourg (nothing to do with the tax situation, everything to do with the crazy nightlife...) and only then Albion Perfide. Shunned Francophone lands and ex colonies include Belgium and both North and Southern Africa. The latter is last at 16%.

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