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Unite to London: "It's my ball and I'm taking it home"

Oh yes it is:

"Unite the Union is to cease financially supporting the Latin American stage at the Rise Festival after the Mayor’s Office has targeted its partner in the production, the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, as being a “political campaign group” and therefore unacceptable".

Good for Boris for sending Castro's groupies packing, eh?

And not only but also:

"Not only has the Mayor’s Office banned CSC from the festival site it has also altered the message of the Festival, changing it from anti-racist event to one that celebrates London diversity".

Quelle horreur....

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Anonymous JuliaM said... 1:25 pm

"...changing it from anti-racist event to one that celebrates London diversity"."

Pretty odd definition of the word 'changing' there.

Unless there's some diversity that shouldn't be celebrated. Wonder what....?  

Blogger Unsworth said... 5:28 pm


'Anti-racism' is of itself racist. It is a deliberate move by one or more ethnic groups to impose its/their views on others.

I have no such concerns about the elimination of discrimination. But when will we see such groups as the Black Policemen's Federations being disbanded on the basis that they, too, are discriminatory?  

Anonymous undiversified verity said... 1:57 pm

Why do bossy people have to instruct people on what to "celebrate" in a festival? That goes for you too, Boris.

People can enjoy a festival or not. They do not come out to "celebrate" anything. Dear God, I am sick of this insidious LeftySpeak that has crept into a previously efficient, clean-cut language.

Anyway, what the hell is there to "celebrate" in diversity? Here is a bowl of grapes, apples, oranges and a mango. Ooooh! What diversity! I must celebrate!

Bugger off, Boris. Just have your festival and don't instruct people in how to feel about it.  

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