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Reds and double yellows

The main event of 2008, more eagerly awaited than the State Opening of Parliament, the EastEnders Christmas special, the FA Cup etc is upon us - the annual unpaid parking fines by embassy hitlist. Here's the story from 2006.

Drumroll please.

And rising to the lead from seventh is Sudan, with £75,100 in unpaid fines. An outstanding advance from the measly £15,620 in 2006. Well, the law - moral, divine or black letter - has rarely stood in the way of the Desert Hawks.

The United Arab Emirates shows itself to lack the big match temperament, losing the lead and dropping to fifth. Its due fines have near halved from £42,950 to £24,670.

'Our friends the Saudis', the perennial nearly men (stress men) of parking fines move up to second from third, with an increase from £24 k to nearly £39 k. Well, it is a funny old game, but if the Riyadh lads up their work rate and commitment and give it 110% on the park (Lane...) next year they could be in for some silverware.

This year's dark horses are the Kazakhs, storming in from the steppes of ninth to a Champions league spot at third. Unpaid fines haver nearly tripled to £28,180.

The Chinese managed to grind out the results and sneaked fourth place, up from fifth.

Last year's semi-finalists, Germany could not keep up the pace needed to compete with the big boys and tumbled to a lowly 37th. Despite what the pundits say, no team is too good to go down.

Sneaking into a UEFA spot are the French, rising from ninth to fifth. Back of the net!

The International Maritime Organisation managed a highly creditable £2,010 in unpaid fines. Unpaid mooring fees have yet to be made public....

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Anonymous grumpy grandad said... 8:16 am

Ignoring the issue of diplomatic reciprocity (I understand UK diplomats overseas are required by the FO to pay their parking fines anyway) why don't those concerned with parking matters simply tow the offending cars away and then charge an equivalent of 3 times the parking fee to get them released. Diplomatic immunity does not run to screwing up the traffic in London just because some lazy foreigner can't be bothered to go to a proper car park. Boris should get the hounds on to it.  

Blogger Lord James Bigglesworth said... 8:38 am

You take the prize for the unusual, Mr C.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:01 am

GG - Fine by me.

LJB - One does what one can.  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 9:18 am

The IMO have no excuse, they've recently done up their building and I believe they have a carpark adjoining it!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:25 am

That is one of the great things about blogging - expert input from the readers. Thanks BE  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 9:30 am

I walk past the IMO on my way into work :-)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:38 am

Cry 'shame' at them on the way home.  

Anonymous grumpy grandad said... 2:56 pm

...or slash their tyres and scrape a key along the side of the car too.  

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