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Hell freezes over

Tony Blair (remember him?) has just been referred to as 'a statesman' in a Russian newspaper.

I am feeling quite nauseous.


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Blogger Lord James Bigglesworth said... 5:54 pm

Where's the paper bag?  

Blogger Tim Worstall said... 8:26 am

I am surprised that I missed the obituary.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:33 am

Reminds me of an old, old Soviet era joke.

Every day a man buys a copy of Pravda, looks at the front page, snorts and throw it in the bin.

After some years of this, the kiosk owner asks his customer why he does this.

'I'm looking for an obituary', he says.

'Comrade, obituaries are on page 9, not the front page'

'This one won't be.....'

Anonymous Mr Satan hisself said... 10:57 am

Jesus! No wonder it's got so bloody cold down here lately....  

Blogger Mac the Knife said... 11:30 pm

Could it have been a mistranslation?

Perhaps 'statesman' in Russian has alternative meanings like 'infested scrotum or 'nauseating little bastard'?

Just a thought...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:16 am

MtK - Tempting to hope so, but the original was in English.  

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