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Funding elections in an unrecognised state.

Out of the Mad Max-style wreckage that is Somalia has emerged Somaliland - the bit we used to rule. Whereas the former Italian part is at Year Zero, Somaliland has managed to function as a democracy since breaking away from Mogadishu in 1991 and even has a stable currency.

While the EU and sundry others were quite happy to charge in and recognise the successor states to Yugoslavia, the unfortunate Somalis have, by and large, been left to rot. Continuing to recognise the transitional government in Mogadishu is not of an order of magnitude much more respectable than the recognition that the Khmer Rouge had.

Anyway, the UK still does not recognise Somaliland, but note this:

Alun Michael: To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs what recent assessment he has made of democratic developments in the Republic of Somaliland.

Dr. Howells: I visited Somaliland last week and was impressed with the work proceeding to ensure free and fair elections are held in early 2009. The postponement of Somaliland elections for a second time in April this year led to international donors suspending their funding of 75 per cent. of voter registration costs. But I am glad to say that a solution was agreed with the National Electoral Commission enabling funding to be reinstated once election preparations had been made. The authorities are making progress on this.

I do not think that Dr Howells would dare to visit Mogadishu, and Mogadishu would be entitled to wonder whether our giving money to Berbera is consistent with recognition of the territorial integrity of Somalia.

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Anonymous nomad said... 11:23 am

I think we must all be missing something here as the Beeb's lead story on the world news today was - Somalia. All to do with drought causing starving babies etc. Nothing of course to do with 10+ years of fighting each other. Very odd.  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 11:26 am

My grandfather was a senior administrator of the Somaliland Protectorate and I expect he did a fine job of it, too.  

Blogger Rooble Mohamed said... 11:47 am

The world is turning a blind eye to Somaliland. Why wasting time on Somalia if 17 years of chance did not give them time to be back to their minds and stop killing each other.

Just give Somaliland a recognition and Somaliland will take care of stablizing Somalia.  

Blogger yusuf said... 12:55 pm

Somaliland achieved it's goals in the middle of this troubled horn with out the help of any, yet the international community is looking on a blind eye of all we have done for our country and to help our neighbors to be like Somaliland. A small country which is not recognized who is fighting against terrorist attacks like the west but with a little power, pirates keep disturbing Somalilands coast's every day, the rest of what is call Somalia and Punt land have tried their best to destroy it what we have achieved in every given day, but as that little country who can do it stood up and declared it's independence on May 18 - 1991 it sure never look back. It is time to recognize Somaliland.
Yusuf Dahir
Share the beauty of Somaliland with me. www.flickr.com/photo/yusuf-dahirsomaliland  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:10 pm

BE - Well, well, well. Did he wear a pith helmet?

Meanwhile, all best wishes to the folk of Somaliland.  

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