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Pull the other one

Showing more chutzpah than the boy who killed his parents and begged for clemency as an orphan, 'Sir' Ian Blair has had this to say:

"I look forward to developing an effective working relationship between the Met and the new Mayor".

It is a damnable shame that Boris cannot sack the man.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:28 am

He might not be able to sack him but he can certainly make him an irrelevance.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:42 am

Works for me. I would like to see some stinger strips laid down to - at the very least - slow down the long march through the institutions.  

Blogger Blue Eyes said... 12:13 pm

I have long supported the idea that the Mayor should be able to pick his Commissioner.  

Anonymous JuliaM said... 1:30 pm

"...I give my assurance that the Met, in turn, will strive to maintain the unprecedented levels of crime reduction we have achieved..."

I was hoping they'd aim to do rather better than that...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:33 pm

BE - I would prefer direct election, but that would be better than having the appointment in the gift of national government.

Julia - Good point.  

Anonymous verity said... 1:31 am

Letters from A Tory - How?

I ask this with sincere malice.

How could you sideline the toxic Blair and his hissing "politically correct" (thought fascist) hydra? How do you chop their heads off - strictly legally? I certainly wouldnt want harm to come to any of them personally.

And, of course, Croydonian, direct election of the police chief. How primitive do people have to be to fail to understand this? The public is free to appoint its servants. That some uber-servant has the power to appoint people with power over the electorate is so ... revolting. So EUSSR, to be honest.  

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