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The trouble with point scoring

Wading through an extraordinarily predictable debate on women in Parliament, I came across this:

"Lynda Waltho (Stourbridge) (Lab): I am impressed with the right hon. Lady’s words, but will she expand on the figures? How many of those selected women will be candidates in winnable Tory seats? How many of them will be normal working-class women who do not have Ashcroft money or are millionaires in their own right?".

And what is there to be said of the extraordinarily undistinguished MP for Stourbridge, and almost certain one term MP (majority of 407.) before obscurity proffers a hand? Interesting too that she seems to think society divides women into horny-handed daughters of toil and self made millionaires.

Anyway, doubtless numerous teachers and wonks will be pleased / miffed that she considers such lines of work to be authentically proletarian, those having been her previous lines of work. And what does the UK Polling Report have to say about Stourbridge:

Stourbridge is a suburban dormitory area on the edge of the West Midlands conurbation - while the seat is mainly urban, it borders onto open countryside just over the border in South Staffordshire. Largely white, lower middle-class, owner-occupied former council houses and large scale new-build private estates, especially in Amblecote".

So I can only presume that Waltho will bigging up her prole 'credentials' when touring the large scale new-build private estates etc and stirring up class war at every available opportunity.

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Blogger Novlangue said... 9:32 am

I gather D-Cam will be on Wimmins Hour today to be grilled. Wonder when Radio Guardian will grill Cleggy on the fact that there isn't a single LDP MP who isn't white. Not one.
Nor has a woman ever bin leader of the LDP. The Tories had one for 15 years but I can't recall her name....

L. Jasper  

Blogger Unsworth said... 10:11 am


So this lady (who clearly is desperate for attention on account of her very slim - 400 odd - majority) is saying "How many of them will be normal working-class women" etc.

I'd like some definitions please:

'Normal' - what does that mean?
'Working Class' - who are they, and what about those who are not 'working'?
'Women' - where do we start with this one, eh? Then again, anyone want to have a crack at defining a 'normal woman'?

Apparently she wants to put the 'Black Country' 'on the map', and recently she has been 'sampling the delights of 'The Carrot Health Club'. No, seriously. I am not making this up. I could go on, but my sides are aching too much.  

Anonymous grumpy but gracious granny said... 10:51 am

A "normal" woman is one who graciously accepts the seat proffered on the bus.

Would that perchance be the Jasper Carrott Health Club?  

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