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London council tax payers - the insurer of last resort

Or so it would seem:

"The Mayor of London Ken Livingstone today announced that the London Development Agency has set aside £250,000 to help stall holders affected by the recent fire at Camden Market".

I doubt if many other businesses would succeed in shaking down the tax base when they lacked the sense to insure their stock, fixtures etc.

While on matters Mayoral, yesterday I attended a rather entertaining lunch hosted by Boris Johnson and Linton Crosby, with much of the London-based blue blogosphere in attendance - Dizzy, James Cleverly, Iain Dale, 'Wat Tyler', Shane Greer, Sam Coates and Ellee (yes, I know Cambridge isn't a London borough) inter alia.

I may yet do a full write up, but for now two highlights:

Linton Crosby offers a hand and says, 'hello, I'm Linton', to which I reply 'It is an honour to meet you', to which he replied 'nah that's bullshit mate', and I replied, 'no, you are a hero to right thinking people the world over'. OK, written down that sounds sickeningly sycophantic, but why shouldn't the good guys have their egos stroked from time to time?

Secondly, sources close to our mayoral candidate tell me that not all of the signatories of the hilariously ill-timed and ill-judged lovies and lefties for Livingstone letter to the Guardian were aware in advance of publication, and some are a little peeved. This suggests to me that someone has a list of likely suspects for condemning whatever is upsetting the Left this week - Iraq, fox hunting, global warming, sightings of working class British people in Chiantishire - and this letter was cranked out in the expectation that if they did not like any of the above, then they would just be bound to love the dicatator-loving, anti-semite / homophobic cleric excusing Mayor of London.

Further, the Imams for Livingstone letter would also appear to have been bylined in the same manner, and at least one 'signatory' is considering legal action.

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Blogger Ed said... 4:43 pm

I thought only card carrying Tories were invited, in which case what was Dizzy "I am not a Tory" Thinks doing there when Ed "I am still just about a Tory" Clarke wasn't?!?!?!?!?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:51 pm

Ed - I wasn't handing out the invites, and Phil is a good deal more 'sound' than Dave Hill.  

Blogger Ed said... 4:56 pm

I know you weren't and I'm sure he is and I wasn't having a pop I was having a rant!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:59 pm

Fair enough. If our Man in Lewes gets wind of it there will be blood......  

Blogger Devil's Kitchen said... 7:50 pm

Waaaah, I want invite. Waaaaah!

I mean, doesn't Boris know who I am, damn his eyes...?!


Blogger Novlangue said... 5:40 pm

Yes, I saw this mentioned in the Guardian as if they'd organised it. Did their man - sorry, person - drink lots of Cuba Libres? (oddly, the Gordian is keen on Castrol but takking its distance from Col. Chavvy.)

I see from the Ephemerides on Yahoo.fr Wapedia that this is the anniv of Napo & Josephine. I'm off to work on a comparaison with Sharko & Carla (tho she don't look very Creole).

CP Scott  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:27 pm

My name is Boris Morrison I would have loved to come to this event. Please call me on 666 666 666 for the next event, so that I can come along. Thank you. I want to support my mayor the RH bORS JAHNSON.

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