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Headline o' the day

From the Moscow Times:

"5 Suspected Skinheads Held in Raids"

So, are The Plod going to get out a tape measure to check hair length, or examining medical records for alopecia prior to confirming their suspicions?

(Turns out the arrested had their collars felt for something other than hair length)

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:29 am


Cumbria Police have confirmed they are urging the public to report groups of young males so they can be checked out as possible Muslim terrorists.

The advice comes in the same week as Mohammed Hamid - who dubbed himself Osama Bin London - was jailed indefinitely for operating Al-Qaida-style training camps in the Langdales during 2004.

At a meeting of Kirby Lonsdale Town Council, Kendal-based sergeant Jonathan Sizer told members any sightings of young Asian men should be reported to the police. But DCI Lee Johnson, of Cumbria's criminal intelligence department, later stressed that it was not only men of Asian appearance that should be reported.

He urged people who saw any large group of males to report them as extremists did not have to be of a certain appearance. However, he confirmed that large groups of women were not under suspicion.

From http://cumbrianpatriotbnp.blogspot.com/2008/03/cumbria-police-issue-terror-alert-all.html  

Blogger Unsworth said... 12:28 pm

The Enemy Within, then.

Closet Skinheads.

If you see any hoodies walking down your street it's probably worth checking. As they pass by just grab the back of the hood and expose the tops of their heads.

You never can be too careful. I've started to take off people's hats in the Supermarket. You'd be amazed at how many violent skinheads there are - some of them quite elderly, too.  

Anonymous nomad said... 6:12 am

So, may I merely suggest that all fans going to Newcastle, Boro and Sunderland matches this weekend get on their mobiles to report large groups of males congregating in a suspicious manner. They should also do this before the matches start as they will doubtless witness large groups of males dressed in blue uniforms and wearing black helmets (to cover their skinheads?) descending from numerous coaches outside the stadiums. Definitley suspicious intentions there.  

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