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62% of Britons are morons. FACT

Asked 'Have you ever heard or read about the EU's Common Agriculture and rural development policy, the 'CAP', or not?', only 38% said yes.

The moron count is up three percentage points on the year, by the way. Our Gallic chums have progressed from 64 to 65% awareness, while Maltese awareness is down from 17 to 14%.

More from the Eurobarometer agriculture survey later.

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Blogger Novlangue said... 10:33 am

So 3% of Maltesers have forgotten about it.

E. de Bono  

Blogger Edland said... 12:06 pm

Surely just about everything in France should be stamped with "brought to you by the CAP" along the lines of the GLC branding that Livingstone used in the dark old days.

As for us Brits, it is no wonder that governments get away with so much. Do they put something in the water?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:29 pm

And you are 100% condescending idiot FACT  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:03 pm

Looks as though I touched a raw nerve with the 'sphere's most prolific, if generally uninteresting, comment maker.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:28 pm

I am one of the 62%. I don't mind really I don't. Mr Anonymous needs to lighten up a bit. It's not so bad. Obviously, because I am one of the 62%, it just means that my wife has to do everything for me; tie my shoe laces, wipe my nose,pack my briefcase in the mornings etc ... Take the dog the for walk, all of things which I cannot possibly do. You might say 'he's not a moron, he's a user and abuser!' But, that is simply not true. As of my wife, she's okay with this little arrangement. She's a good woman.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:29 pm

Sorry, my moron fingers weren't typing properly - that's taking the dog for a walk.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:33 pm

If you and Mrs Anon are both happy with that arrangement, that's fine and dandy.  

Anonymous Nomad said... 3:25 pm

A teensie flaw - you don't say how many were asked nor where this survey was carried out. arger numbers and a different location woulod probably produce a different result. Nonetheless, I agree that quite a lot of folks have no idea about the EU, what it costs us, and what they actually do.  

Anonymous Nomad said... 3:27 pm

Larger... sticky keyboard again.  

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