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After Northern Rock, what next?

Facetiousness to one side, the theft of a bank by the state, purely to ingratiate the Labour party with its client vote in the North East is beyond disgraceful. When I heard the news yesterday, it
would be no distortion to say I felt physically nauseous. Note that there were no calls for Barings to be baled out that I have been able to find, but then again there probably were too few potential Labour voters working in settlements and admin for 'the People's Party' to think it worthwhile wooing them.

In the meantime, I look forward to Northern Rock terminating its sponsorship of the Barcodes and other Tyneside sporting luminaries at the earliest opportunity, and for an end to NE specific corporate philanthropy.


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Blogger Unsworth said... 9:57 am

Lovely All Aggro, in that delicious chocolate brown. Beige pvc uphostery and Quartic 'steering' wheel, I hope. Not so much steering, more aiming with that car. And the Van den Plas version was just too gross for words.

Anyway - of course there was Barings (not quite the same) and BCCI, too. Perhaps the value of the ethnic vote had not quite impacted on NuLab at the time... Certainly Livingstone is milking it for everything he can get.

Personally I hope he gets about seven years, but no chance of that I feel.

Any bets on the date of the next General Election? Difficult to call, now. Doubtless Brown has got the soothsayers working on that right now. He's got to calculate what else could possibly go wrong. From where I'm standing there's plenty more yet.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:03 am

I thought about including a pic of the Vanden Plas, but feared folk might have seen it after eating.

In think the election will be at the last possible date - near as damn it - and the betting markets point to that too.  

Blogger Ed said... 11:47 am

We had the estate version in white when my family were in financial straits in the mid 80s. We "upgraded" at one stage to the Morris Ital which I believe was a successor to the Leyland Allegro.

Dizzy says that NR are still doling out huge mortgages to Labour voters in a falling market. This is what us wealth earners are going to have to bale out!!  

Blogger Ed said... 11:48 am

Sorry Austin, but I believe that Austin and Morris were all under the Leyland roof weren't they? How soon will the CEGB be reborn?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:52 am

Ed - Noo, the Ital was a cosmetically upgraded Marina.

Ma Croydonian had a Morris Traveller - the half-timbered Morris Minor estate - at at one point. I was rather fond of it.  

Blogger Unsworth said... 1:48 pm

Ah yes, the Ital. Italian 'design' (supposedly Giugiaro) on a Marina chassis - actually an in-house lash-up. Production 'overseen' by Ital Design. No other mechanical improvements whatosever. Came in the same range of 'colours' as the Allegro - I particularly recall that amazing Diarrhoea Yellow. Hell on Wheels.

Reminds me of this Government - looks like shit and drives like a three-legged pig.

Remember the police versions of both? Astounding.

I see that the official line is that 'we had to rescue' Northern Rock etc etc. It was, apparently, the 'right thing to do'. No evidence whatsoever to support that view, of course. No moral argument either. It'll be five years at least before The Crock gets privatised, and it's six grand of my money. Any chance of interest on this 'loan'?  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 10:43 am

they have already gauranteed to continue paying into the NR 'Foundation' to at least 2010 - so the largess will continue on the labour voting establishment.  

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