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The 'People's Republic' about to scrap May Day

Is the 'People's Republic' of China. I have simplified a little, as May Day appears to remain a public holiday, but it is set to lose its status as part of a Golden Week, these being periods where "Three days paid holiday are given, and the surrounding weekends are re-arranged so that workers in Chinese companies always have seven continuous days of holiday".

Following a less than full poll of the Chinese populace - 1.3 million out of 1,321,851,888, or 0.1% of them, "88 percent supported increasing the number of official holidays from 10 to 11; and 62 percent agreed to including the three traditional holidays - Tomb-Sweeping Day (1), Dragon-Boat Festival and the Mid-Autumn Festival - in public holidays" and doing away with the May Day week.

Anyway, a fine example, so perhaps we can scrap May Day and let the Chicago 'Haymarket Martyrs' of 1866 rest in peace. Trafalgar Day works for me.

(1) - Also known as the rather more appealing '
Clear Brightness Festival'.


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Blogger Baron Higham-West said... 11:57 am

How is Trafalgar Day connected with Mayday, Mr. C?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:01 pm

As a better day for a bank holiday. Mind you, as a merry freelancer, bank holidays are economically meaningless to me.  

Blogger Ed said... 12:25 pm

I think it's nice to have the occasional bank holiday, but as a rabid individualist I think mostly holidays should be taken as and when not by decree.

Perhaps apart from Christmas and Easter, we could have one more official holiday around 11th November?  

Blogger Ed said... 12:26 pm

And bin the rest, I should add.  

Anonymous rama 9 said... 5:26 pm

I fink we should take a day midway tween Noo Year an' Easter and celevrate Yobbo Britn Day.

Or perhaps Neutral Democracy day?  

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