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Clash of the Titans

Israel vs Croatia at cricket. Yes, really. My money's on Israel, as it "is currently ranked as the 12th-best non-Test team in Europe by the ICC. Croatia is ranked 17th".

The winner will join France, Germany, Jersey, Guernsey and Gibraltar as qualifiers from European Division Two. Note that there are two further European divisions.

However, the Israeli government has not been treating the game with the respect it deserves:

The Croatian ambassador will attend the game, but there will be no official Israeli representation.

"The [Israeli] sports authorities have shown such disdain to cricket in the past two years that we didn't even invite them," [Israel Cricket Association president Stanley] Perlman said. "They don't understand the first thing about cricket, they have no respect for the game, and we don't need them for anything." Nevertheless, he added, flags will be flown and anthems sung".

Anyway, time for a quote (no, not that one from Mugabe): "Say that cricket has nothing to do with politics and you say that cricket has nothing to do with life". John Arlott.


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Anonymous Th. Herzl said... 10:16 am

Did you know that the best team in Germany, the small port of Husum, is the best team cuz it plays in the somewhat more strenuous Dansk league?

As for the most serene Israeli govt not understanding cricket - er - should they? Praps they're a bissele busy with all their diplomacy.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:24 am

I am indebted to Mr Herzl for the detail.

Apparently Israeli cricketers are largely from Oz, Boer country etc rather than Sabras.  

Anonymous grumpy granny said... 10:52 am

"Say that cricket has nothing to do with politics and you say that cricket has nothing to do with life".

John Arlott spent most of his life shut up in a small box located high above various cricket grounds chuntering away to himself and eating cakes. He didn't get out much by the sound of it.  

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