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No proud nerds in the EU. Apparently.

In one of its sillier stunts, the EU is promoting diversity via a website cooked up with MTV.

This involves readers choosing an identity, then an avatar and placing themselves in DiverseCity.

The trouble is, not many folk have bothered as yet, perhaps because the range of identities on offer is a tad feeble.

Anyway, should anyone fancy gatecrashing DiverseCity, you could be someone who:

  • Likes to cook for his/her friends (4 in this category....)
  • Are sporty and like to look good (1)
  • Is a good listener (3)
  • Likes to get involved in his / her friends' lives (0)
  • Loves performing and entertaining (0)
  • Can get lost in music (4)
  • Can get lost in book (0 - and certainly no Maltese...)
  • Is an adrenaline junky (0)
  • Is a nerd and proud of it (0)
  • Travels to see the world, not lie on a beach (0)
Why not 'a good listener and likes to look good', or 'like to cook for one's friends, not lie on a beach' etc etc? Or come to that, 'is easily entertained by fatuous web initiatives'?

Meanwhile, examination of the languages on offer has led me to believe that the Swedish for nerd is 'nörd' and the Danish 'nørd'. The Dutch cheat and use nerd...

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