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Lunatics, asylums and so forth

Well, it is the UN that is at issue, and the discussion over yonder is that of human rights.

Pause briefly to think from which states
'A period of silence ...would be most welcome'.


Rodrigo Diaz ( Cuba) said that the creation of the Human Rights Council was brought about by the pressing need to put an end to the deep disrepute into which the Commission on Human Rights had plunged, due to political manipulation, hypocrisy and double standards imposed on its work by the United States and its Western accomplices. His country had voted for the creation of the Council, and upheld that its agenda should remain balanced putting economic, social and cultural rights on the same level as civil and political rights.

Idrees Saeed (
Sudan) said that the Human Rights Council had come to light to rectify the negative impact of the old Human Rights Commission. It was a new era, where human rights questions were dealt with from one perspective without giving powerful States advantages. Sudan hoped the universal treatment of human rights would work also in developed parts of the world, and be applied to the atrocious scandals unfolding in Guantanamo Bay and other prisons.

Zhang Dan ( China) said that the consensus adoption of the institution-building package had been the greatest achievement of the Human Rights Council in the past year. Although it was not perfect, nor was anyone fully satisfied by it, the package had been the hard-won result of arduous work in which her country had taken an active part. It was hoped that the package would be adopted by the Assembly by consensus, thus laying the foundation for the Council’s substantive work.

Zoya Kolontai ( Belarus) said the decision taken by the Council on institution-building had been welcome and valued. Subjectivity when considering the human rights situation in different countries would be eliminated by the mechanism of Universal Periodic Review; the era of “teachers” and “students” on the matter of human rights would become a thing of the past. Belarus favoured an effective system of special procedures that would monitor all forms of rights, including the right to development. It was no secret that, according to political circumstances, mandate-holders had crossed the threshold of objectivity. The African Group’s initiative to set up a code of conduct for special procedures was welcome.

Presumably the bod from Zimbabwe could not find a parking spot.

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Anonymous verity said... 3:05 pm

Ah, the New World Order lurches on.

I believe there was a parking spot for the bod from Zimbabwe, but it four stretch-limousine entourage that couldn't be fitted in.  

Anonymous verity said... 3:11 pm

I meant to add, that accounted for the lack of comment from the renowned democracy of Zimbabwe, because the delegate would lose face if he got into an UN elevator without being surrounded by 10 or 12 armed heavies and personal servants.

It was very unfraternal for Cuba's democratic delegation not to give up a couple of parking spaces for them.  

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