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Would you sell your name, and other pressing issues

Zogby has a poll on various internet and other issues, and the commissioning party decided that what the world really needed to know was whether Mr / Mrs / Ms etc America would sell his or her name for $100,000.

Keenest to take up the offer were African Americans at 26.3% very likely / likely and 18-24 year olds at 34%. Libertarians were keener than Republicans and Democrats at 33.9% to 18.2% and 22.8%. The 70+ demographic was least keen - 73.2% not at all likely.

A further key issue was whether one would wish to have the internet accessible from one's brain (if safe etc etc), which is fairly tempting and would make one a whiz at pub quizzes: 19.2% of Asian Americans fancied it compared to 4.5% of African Americans. The self-defined very conservative managed 11.2%, which is odd.

Elsewhere, progressives and libertarians need to pull out the modem cable and get out more, with 31.3% and 35.8% reckoning "that for a relatively short period of time the Internet can serve as a substitute for a significant other" Mind you, it does not ask whether it is a good substitute.

As to inserting a device into a child that one might better track it, a shocking 18.1% think that would be just dandy, with southerners (20.4%), Catholics (21.1%) and conservatives 21.1% especially keen. And hats off to the 80.9% of progressives who would feel 'uneasy'. I think there should be an outbreak of pointing and jeering at the 13.8% of those in civil unions who were 'unsure'.

Finally, if you have tears, prepare to shed them now: 5.7% of Americans consider the iPhone sexier than Halle Berry, Scarlett Johannsson, Patrick Dempsey and Derek Jeter. I have no idea who the latter two are, by the way. And 8% of progressives, 8.9% of libertarians and 9.1% of Hispanics. The divine Ms Berry leads in most demographics, bar the very conservative and 25-34, both of which prefer La Johannsson

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Anonymous verity said... 3:20 pm

There's something about Halle Berry I just don't like and it's the same thing (well, one of them) that I don't like about Obamarama. They are both 50% white and pose as "black".

Selling one's name: No. It's my family's name and belongs, and has belonged, to all of us down through the centuries.  

Blogger Sen. Peter Higham Paul said... 4:41 pm

Not a problem. I have so many pseudonyms it hardly matters. And the cash would be very, very handy.  

Anonymous Mr R said... 7:17 pm

Jeter is captain of the New York Yankees baseball team. I believe Dempsey is an actor. As for Ms Berry, I would if given a chance.....  

Anonymous dearieme said... 10:29 pm

Miss Berry: I could eat her on toast.  

Blogger Ed said... 8:30 am

My name is so boring - I would buy someone else's name if it was interesting!  

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