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Minding one's P's and Q's

Just how is one to address Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, the unfortunate woman presiding over the idiotic waste of money that is the Diana inquest? (She was not wearing a seat belt, her car crashed and she died. End of)

Anyway, this has been vexing Sir Thomas Bingham, so he has put out a practice note:

"Since 1988, the Court of Appeal has enjoyed the great benefit of including among its members Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss. Formally, she has been a Lord Justice of Appeal and is required to be so styled by s 2(3) of the Supreme Court Act 1981 unless and until that section can be amended. But she has, when sitting in court, been addressed as 'My Lady', as she was when sitting as a puisne judge, and as other female puisne judges are addressed. This has led counsel, when referring to her in court, to adopt the usage 'My Lady, Lord Justice Butler-Sloss'.

This usage is plainly absurd. Nothing can for the time being be done to alter the formal position, but for informal purposes it is desirable that reference should be made to Lady Justice Butler-Sloss, so that she will be referred to in court as 'My Lady, Lady Justice Butler-Sloss'.

This change was the support of Lady Justice Butler-Sloss, and also of the Lord Chancellor. No offence will be taken if counsel or solicitors slip into the old usage; but it would be regarded as a courtesy if the new were adopted".

Thanks for clearing that one up.

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Anonymous Diana, P. of W. said... 11:38 am

If it was a simple car crash, why did they delay the inquest 10 years?

Magna C., article 40.

Nulli differemus...justitiam. "We will delay justice to none."  

Blogger Ian said... 1:48 pm

For start there was a French inquest almost immediately after the crash, which concluded an accident, and Operation Paget in 2004 addressed the conspiracy theories.

The question is why we are still wasting time and money on something that has already been established.  

Anonymous diana, p. of wails said... 4:13 pm

The French don't have inquests. There's no French word for coroner. There was a 2 year (!)inquiry by the police judiciaire.

An inquest HAS to be held. Your remark fails to answer why it took 10 years, thus giving time for more conspiracy theories.

May I take it you think the White House had no warning at all of the 9/11?  

Blogger flashgordonnz said... 7:49 pm

I want them to ADDRESS is the FACT that, earlier that SAME evening, strange glowing LIGHTSwere seen on the CHAMPS-ELYSEES. Likewise, in the early PRE-DAWN of Sept 11, these SAME glowing LIGHTS were sighted on 6th Ave, the so-called AVENUE of the AMERICAS!!! WHAT do YOU make of THAT, then? Plus all the WITNESSES have DISAPPEARED!!!. ANd the SO-CALLED POLICE have no RECORD of these sightings. How CONVENIENT!!! The PEOPLE DESERVE ANSWERS!!!

Anonymous Diana, Prince/ss of Wails said... 9:39 am

Kia ora, squire.

You still haven't explained how an open & shut case has to wait 10 years for an inquest, thus giving more time for us conspiracy nutters to come up with more stuff.  

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