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Poor old Ming

The man is only 66, which hardly makes him Methuselah. As a point of comparison, Michael Howard was 64 when he stood down in 2005, and Ken Clarke is just a year older. Brown is 56.

While Campbell does look older than his years, does this tell us that no-one can hope to lead a party if he or she has the combination of grey and thinning hair?

Note that if it now becomes open season on under-performing party leaders, Darling's appearances at the dispatch box make it horribly obvious that he is combing his hair in such a way as to disguise baldness creeping on from the back.


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Blogger Village said... 11:17 am

I suppose it kind of comes down to wether the leaders are seen as being Generation X or Generation Y as we were speaking about a while ago Mr Croydonian.

If you want to capture the non-Grey vote a younger leader will help. Whilst at the same time the Grey vote will understand that you need someone who is able to keep up with the demands of the job. This is not entirely dependent upon age, but looking at Ming you could tell the strain was getting to him.  

Blogger Mountjoy said... 11:36 am

Although the media and press have tried to spin a “plot to oust Ming”, it was in fact themselves (the media, in particular) that had it out for Ming and engineered his downfall. It must not be forgotten that the tabloids, in particular, have the blood of Princess Diana on their hands because they were prepared to pay paparazzi to take intrusive photos of her - and recently they chased Prince William and Ms Middleton. Now the press and media have forced out a man who was too nice for politics and the despicable “ageism” that has been used against him is especially galling.  

Anonymous ll. g. said... 11:40 am

He should sue his party for agism.  

Anonymous verity said... 1:01 pm

Mountjoy - The press has "the blood of Princess Diana" on their hands? Wow! They hid her seat belt? They poured booze down Wossname in the Ritz Bar?

These press are so damn' cunning! BTW, is the styling "Princess" Diana correct? I thought she was never "Princess" Diana - although that's how the People, whose "Princess" she was, styled her.

I thought she was Diana, Princess of Wales. Then, in NuLabour fashion, "moved on" after her divorce to NOT being Princess of Wales. If I recall, she fought to retain her title and lost it.

I have no idea about Campbell, but from where I sit, it looked as though he had plenty of lean and hungry assassins in his own party.  

Blogger Paul Linford said... 7:29 pm

I don't think it was the age as such that did for him. If he'd been 65 going on 56 like Ken Clarke, it probably wouldn't have mattered. The problem was he looked 65 going on 156.  

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