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Understanding civil servant speak: No. 1 in a series.

Higher end civil servants have been grilled for a survey on risk, and oh how telling is the terminology:

"Reputational risk, particularly the non-delivery of major programmes, were the biggest threat for 32 per cent of managers".

What I believe this means is 'if I screw up, my job is on the line'. Welcome to reality folks.

"People-based risks, including difficulties with recruitment, retention, training, motivation and morale, were mentioned by 30 per cent and many thought such things would grow to become the biggest problem the civil service faced".

So that means pay rises all round, presumably.

"Worryingly, the vast majority were pessimistic about their ability to deal with such issues, with 90 per cent saying their management of people and resource related risks was either only partially effective or not effective at all."

And this is the upper mandarinate? Admitting it is not, cough, exactly good at dealing with underlings?

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Blogger Christopher Glamorgan said... 9:37 pm

I blame PRINCE2 - everyone's a project manager these days.  

Blogger CityUnslicker said... 9:56 pm

still lying...since when do they lose their jobs for cock-ups. I think one head rolled over farm payments and one for the CSA....err..£500 million down the tubes.

How this will give them any fear I do not know. it is like the fear of Northern Rock investors....all safely gauranteed by Broon now.  

Blogger MJW said... 8:16 am

Perhaps they spend so much time developing their doublespeak they don't actually have any time to do anything that might be regarded as proper work and now they're worried the rest of use are noticing?  

Anonymous nomad said... 9:31 am

Persistent underfunding, constantly changing "targets", interference from Special Advisers, creeping unwanted politicisation, incessant interference from the Treasury, human rights 'victims' - no wonder not much is going right these days with the civil service. Get the basics right, get the interference and other hindrances out of the way and let these professionals get on with their jobs and they will sort it out.  

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