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The gardener who takes credit for a tree growing

Or the doctor who refuses to give you an appointment and then takes the credit for an unattended wound healing up.

I've been struggling to find a parallel for a spectacularly silly comment from the head of the UN about the ozone layer - remember that?

"The battle to repair the ozone layer represents one of the great success stories of international cooperation".

Last time I looked, there was no team of plasterers floating around 10 miles up applying gypsum to the gaps.

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Blogger Tristan said... 2:33 pm

Wasn't it you who posted that the hole is not getting any smaller?  

Anonymous W. Buffett (Omaha) said... 4:08 pm

The Croy wears a number of hats, a favourite being his financial hat (top hat?). Cd he explain why the BoE is lending money to N. Rock but no-one is speculating how much? Is this unlimited credit?

I think we should be told.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:14 pm

Tristan - Not me, no.

Warren - I've never thought of high finance as being a speciality, but you raise an interesting point. I have, however, mulled on all those lovely, lovely Labour voters who work for Northern Rock up in geordie land  

Anonymous Warren B. said... 10:58 am

Croy - have you not.

However Robert Peston of the Beeb has partly answered the question - it cd be up to £30b. Obviously unlikely to be that much. & la vieille dame can argue that they're charging interest. I shall watch events from Omaha with great interest.  

Blogger UK Daily Pundit said... 4:15 pm

Was I dreaming or did I see you on BBC3 in a show about comics?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:39 pm

UKDP - Erm, not me, no.  

Anonymous Bishop Hill said... 12:29 pm


It might have been me.  

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