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Where were you when Thatcher stood down?

Inspired by a post chez Dizzy on the End of Blair (maybe...) where he refers to being in a PE lesson at school when the greatest peacetime Prime Minister of the 2oth century announced her resignation, I was mulling on what I was doing and who told me.

At the time I was doing a McJob as a messenger at an investment bank and was told the news by a colleague. Banking being what it is, there was not much glee in evidence at the establishment, and I was able to pass the rest of the working day without having anyone intruding on private grief.

What about the readership?

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Blogger CityUnslicker said... 11:03 am

i was in a chemistry lesson at school where the teacher decided it was more important that we watched the telly rather than studied.

No one was happy at the news then. I wonder what the general reaction will be today?

I susupect Labour will wonder what they have done over the next few weeks.  

Blogger Praguetory said... 11:53 am

I was in biology class. As we didn't do live experiments it was only the students who were stunned.  

Blogger Guthrum said... 12:42 pm

At work, then straight round to the local wine bar to celebrate !

Not overly convinced she was the greatest PM ever, then and now  

Anonymous Tom Paine said... 1:56 pm

I spent that evening at a dinner in the Guildhall with (amongst hundreds of others) arch-wet Francis Pym. The old so-and-so was visibly elated. His Roundhead ancestor would have been ashamed of him.

I was very upset about her going. Her time in office was the only period in my life when I had any hope for the future of my country. Blair and Brown have undone all the good she did. It's a shame the good lady lived to see us back in 1978, but with gender co-ordinators and other such state-funded idlers instead of Red Robbo's more traditional troupe of non-workers.  

Anonymous Geoff said... 2:55 pm

Strangely - the same as Praguetory. I was in a biology class. Room B1, St John's College.

The only accessible television in the school was in the Auditorium and it had no aerial. I was on the Hampshire archery team and had my kit on-site for practice, so a group of us watched the drama play out on a television with a metal arrow stuck in the aerial socket to get reception.  

Blogger Hercules said... 4:56 pm

I too was in school at the time, I remember hearing some of those ghastly socialist happy clappy teachers cheering and telling students that it was a wonderful day.

This behavior inspired me to become a member of the Conservative party. That taught the bastards!!!  

Anonymous IanCroydon said... 3:09 pm

I was working at Marks & Spencers HQ in Baker Street as an IT consultant.

Had I known who was going to take over the running of the country after her I would have certainly cried, but I was yet to endure the monotone Major years watching my tax credit go on cone hotlines and his secret bonking sessions with fellow MPs.

Then again, I do think term limits need to be in place in the UK like in all other modern democracies, and 10 years is too long at the helm IMO, unfortunately Thatch didn't see it that way.

So I do actually admire Tony for falling on his sword once his time was up, whereas Thatch had to be pushed down hard on hers, kicking and screaming.  

Blogger Ross F said... 9:47 pm

I was in a classroom just before a Geography lesson was about to begin when one of the other pupils walked in and told everyone. I was 11 at the time.

As for Blair's resignation, I can honestly not remember what I was doing yesterday when I heard the news.  

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