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Do they really have nothing better to do?

I am not a huge fan of the European Commission but I suppose it does come up with the occasional good idea. However, what possessed it to think that what Europe really, really needs is an EU-wide maximum cabin baggage rule? Because there is one, and those eagerly awaited dimensions are a memorable 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. Or 22" x 17.7" x 9.8".

However, "The Commission decided to postpone the implementation of rules on maximum cabin baggage size, as more time is needed to reassess the advantages and disadvantages they entail, notably regarding air security and passengers' comfort". Postpone, note, not reconsider - the rules come in May next year. If the rule will come in, come Hell, high water or hot air, what is the point of 'reassessing the advantages and disadvantages'?

And more to the point, why on earth should the EU presume to interfere in the way that airlines conduct their business? Is there any evidence anywhere that airlines have been unable to agree on a standard maximum cabin luggage item size? Are there euronauts marooned across the continent's airports because bags which were the sauce for Euro Air were not the sauce for Air Euro?



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Anonymous This guy said... 4:26 pm

Why they do it? Cuz they're nannies. That's their Zen nature.

Are you following the Cymric elections?  

Anonymous nomad said... 2:33 am

Mr C, like you I have little time for the unelected, interfering pen pushers that make up the EU. However, in this case I am with them. I said in a rant (in these pages)a few weeks back that there should be much stricter implementation on the size of wheelie bins and rucksacks brought into planes as cabin baggage. If the airlines cannot or will not do it themselves, then maybe a little gentle compulsion may help! As one with almost uncontrollable nomadic tendencies (my next peregrination commences later this week!), I get mildly infuriated when my bit of the overhead box has been taken by almost a full size suitcase belonging to somebody sitting 15 rows away! I hope the EU's reconsideration also includes a ban on pre-flight alcohol, tobacco and other bulky purchases which also take up far too much of the limited space. Such items can easily be obtained at destination airports.  

Blogger Reliapundit said... 3:06 am


any comment?  

Anonymous nomad said... 4:14 am

Realiapundit - one of the main reasons why people like myself, Tuscan Tony, and Verity, and no doubt several thousands of others, have decided to go the other way - permanently! From a distance one really has to wonder what the UK still holds for people. No pensions, frightening to non-existent health services, "political correctness" gone completely mad, politically shackled police "service", education not much more than a joke, rail transport in complete chaos, surveillance cameras becoming ever more prevalent, complete and utter shambles of a government (Two Jags, an illiterate complete buffoon, as DPM makes the UK the laughing stock of the world. The inmates really have taken over the asylum.

Time to clear out; the world is a big place filled with opportunity for those who seek it.  

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