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An important confirmation from the BBC

Apparently some 300 people have had a brain bypass. And I thought there were around 350 Labour MPs.
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Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:02 pm

The BBC omitted to say how manay the operation failed on; perhaps this explains the missing 350  

Anonymous newmania said... 12:19 pm

Exolains your phrase the "lobotomised left" which I thought was a joke . Should have known better  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:20 pm

I guess it didn't work on Frank Field.  

Blogger dearieme said... 12:32 pm

50 didn't have a brain available for bypass.  

Blogger Serf said... 12:47 pm

Rumour is that Tony is planning a face transplant.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:08 pm

Tony will be needing two of those.  

Anonymous verity said... 1:08 pm

Plus that self-righteous lefty woman on 18 Doughty Street last night. I wonder why they all feel so superior when they are factory rejects. Defective.  

Anonymous verity said... 1:10 pm

Not Rena, who isn't that unbearable. The one last night with long dark hair she she constantly kept brushing back. What is it with these women with long hair that they can't keep it in order. Also, she is too old for long hair.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:22 pm

Rachel North? The woman who sounds like Oona King? Pic here.

I only caught the last hour of it.  

Anonymous newmania said... 1:22 pm

Was that Rachel from North London Verity . Pretty I gather but an intellectual pygmy.The selection is along foxier-moron lines.

BTW Verity Can I just clear up I am not an academic , just a digger at the coal face of financial services. We were at cross puposes during a frankly bizarre thread and its to dull to unravel.I wouldn`t want to appear so pompous.  

Anonymous newmania said... 1:24 pm

C has a good face for Blogging .....(or radio)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:27 pm

Whereas I think I am devilishly handsome.  

Anonymous newmania said... 1:30 pm

Devils face was often pictured as the arse of sheep in the middle-ages.Such images can be picked out in um...H Bosch

No offence  

Anonymous verity said... 2:13 pm

No, no, Newmania! Don't worry!

Thanks for all those pics of Rachel North, Croydonian. Just when I'd finished up my toast and Marmite.

Yes, an intellectual pygmy, and self-righteous with it, as they all are. These people irritate me. She even seemed to have some good words to say for Red Ken, although I was so distracted by all the oozing self-righteousness and all that sweeping her hair back.  

Anonymous newmania said... 2:17 pm

Lives close to me V and I immiediately hated her when I saw posted on her Blog
" You must get sick of being told you are an inspiration"

I kid you not


Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:26 pm

On reflection. Maybe brain bypass will get me through 5 years of Gordonsraum...must look into it further.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:37 pm

Verity - Sorry about that.  

Anonymous verity said... 2:43 pm

Thank you,Croydonian. Not a pleasant sensation. Newmania, that is funny! Self-regarding people are such a hoot! I couldn't bear her on Doughty St last night. Sometimes, less is more and it would have been better just to have had Helen and Dizzy on. That Madsden Pirie was a bit of a drag.  

Blogger Hercules said... 8:20 pm

Dont you mean 350 labour MP's have had a lobotomy? Under Blair's knife!!!  

Anonymous JT said... 9:08 pm

I put a question to Rachel North on 18DS yesterday evening regarding the £2 million spent by Ken on fluttering penants with the words "We're All One London", when only half of London Underground stations have the desired first aid kits.

As one of the first rules of economics is that resources are scarce, the £2 million spent on penants could not then be spent on something that could make a tangible difference to saving lives.

I must say that I wasn't impressed with her view that the money splashed out on those penants was well spent or that it was irrelevant to the issue of lack of resources for first aid kits...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:19 pm

Erm, how could anyone apart from the ad agency think it was a good use of money?  

Anonymous newmania said... 9:21 pm

Is that the JT !!

Good for you . It has only lately occurred to me that the ,main point of the GLA is to syphon public money into Labour propoganda. I saw at as chiefly a way of disguising responsibility for housing policy.  

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