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A rather curious Christian video game

Maybe I have not been paying attention, but I've tended to think that explicitly Christian entertainment, be it in the form of books, music etc would tend to be 'wholesome', shall we say?

However, 'Left Behind: Eternal Forces' a Christian video game would appear to be something that one would not give to a maiden aunt for her birthday, as "The game's story line game begins after the rapture, when most Christians are transported to heaven. Earth's remaining population is faced with a choice of joining or combatting the Antichrist, as embodied by a force called the Global Community Peacekeepers that seeks to impose one-world government". Further, "Our game includes violence, but excludes blood, decapitation, killing of police officers," the company says on its website, noting that a player can lose points for "unnecessary killing" and regain them through prayer". Further details here

What would His Grace think?
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Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:20 pm

You are suprised that religion and volence go hand in hand?
tsk tsk
btw I think your pal mr R has fixed my curry problem for me, you have to toast the whole spices first,then grind them , if you use powder you just get gloop that almost tastes like a curry.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:22 pm

Not entirely, no...

Pleased to hear Mr R has come up trumps.  

Anonymous newmania said... 4:37 pm

That sounds like alchemy PHITCH. Why don`t you try rubbing some on your gout ?

I wanted Damien to win. I `m sure there was a good deal for early supporters of the anti christ. Could have had me for a new motorbike  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:44 pm

There was a chap at my school with the birthday of 6/6/66. He was never allowed to forget it.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:48 pm

shame that the real number is 616 , it was misread
aleister crowley believed it to be 777 ,although he was of course fucking mental, also an exceptional mountaineer a fact not known by many people.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:52 pm

He certainly was, although the Crowley Tarot cards are quite pretty. Jimmy Page bought one of Crowley's old houses.  

Anonymous newmania said... 5:01 pm

You know a suspicious amount about metaphysical evil PHITCH. I think the whole Virgin birth thing is based on a mis-traslation akin to the confusion in English between Maid and as virgin(obsolete usage ) and to mean "girl". I wish I `d been a bible translator. I would have mistranlated "fast " asalmighty piss up with sex and feasting.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:01 pm

Bolskine house.
I have read crowleys authorised biography, incredibly tedious and self congratulating, he died skint in a B&B , so much for his powers.
His gamily money came from brewing, he then proceeded to do what all their customers had done with their money over the years ,piss it up the wall.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:04 pm

alex jones is on now so im ready for some conspiracies, he as some decent guests c, had gore Vidal on a couple of weeks ago, a man who would fuck himself if he could and love it, probably send flowers to himself the day after.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:05 pm

My favourite mistranslation is 'camel through the eye of a needle'. The original was rope, not camel.  

Anonymous David Allen said... 5:33 pm

Talking of mistranslations, there is a rather wonderful bust of Moses (by Bernini, I think)in which he has horns on his head. Beautifully executed, but looks ridiculous. Apparently this is down to some ropey (!!) translation in the Vulgate version of the Bible where 'beams' (as in 'of light') became 'horns'....  

Anonymous David Allen said... 5:34 pm

....don't happen to have a copy of the Vulgate handy to offer a citation, I'm afraid!  

Blogger Cranmer said... 5:37 pm

His Grace is not remotely surprised by anything that emanates from the United States of America that carries the 'Christian' epithet.

The 'rapture' doctrine is, however, a theology developed by the Roman Catholic Church which has been absorbed into Evangelical Protestantism, or (rather) American Evangelicalism, and was popularised in the UK throughout the 1980s 'charismatic' movement. It has spawned all manner of books, games, a television programmes centred around therapeutic ministry.

If one does not subscribe to their theology, one is generally not welcome, and by some indeed considered to be the spawn of the Antichrist.  

Anonymous newmania said... 8:08 pm

....don't happen to have a copy of the Vulgate handy

Always doing half a job thats David for you  

Anonymous Colin said... 9:10 pm

Happily, His Grace distanced himself from this sort of Christian games. I was already suspecting that he might be the software engineer of the game because of his IT knowledge which is quite unusual for a priest mainly interested in heavenly matters.  

Anonymous Colin said... 9:58 pm

But then again, Jerry Jenkins, one of the authors of the game looks like Cranmer, doesn't he. See his photo here.

The game is based on The LEFT BEHIND SERIES of novels which chronicle the end of the world in stories based on prophecies from the Bible's Book of Revelation. "The LEFT BEHIND SERIES begins with the sudden disappearance of billions of people, creating chaos for the people on earth who are "left behind.""

"The series currently includes 11 books and has garnered a large entertainment following. To date, sales for the series are approaching 60 million worldwide. The books have appeared on the best-seller lists of the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Publishers Weekly, the Chicago Tribune, as well as others. One of the novels titled "Desecration" was the top-selling fiction hardcover title in 2001."

Peter Hitchens,

If you are still an atheist, think again because you might want to write a Christian bestseller instead of going to work every morning at 7 am and flirting with RNs.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:11 pm

colin I dont get out of bed before 9am unless its for a pee or a special occassion , if I could face a catherer I would avoid the pee.
Nor Am I an aetheist,I just dont have any interest in going to church  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:21 pm

I don't think I'd hire either of them as babysitters.

The big chap looks like he is trying out for the Ernest Hemingway lookalike competition  

Anonymous newmania said... 10:23 pm

I have strong doctrinal objections to other people not having to get out of bed.

Lord look down upon thy servant and remove the canker of envy that grows in his heart.Amen

Nope its not working . What with that and me not being adored by woman and admired by men I reckone god is not there  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:26 pm

A slightly more self-centred version of Woody Allen's 'If there is a God, how come there is poverty? And baldness?'.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:40 pm

Nm I havent "commuted" for 5 years, even then I had a "dont get into the office before 9;30" policy , sitting in a traffic jam is a waste of my day.  

Blogger james higham said... 10:43 pm

Peter Hitchens makes the classic error, the standard error which has dogged Christianity since its inception. It is that wherever G-d builds a church, there the devil also builds a chapel. Christianity rises, so it is swamped by sects of a very un-Christian nature, e.g. Jonestown, Mormons and so on plus all the tele-evangelists, all labelling themselves Christian. How to tell them apart? By their fruits - it was even said by the big guy, JC himself. Look at this game you mention, the nature of it. If it doesn't produce Christian results, it ain't Christian.  

Anonymous newmania said... 10:44 pm

You are preaching to the choir brother C. On the other hand my GIVE -HIM -GOUTO spell is working out well. The unspeakable denizens of the pit are clearly as real as you or I.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:44 pm

an ex business partner of mine had a brother who ran a certain dept at Christies he day revolved around getting up at dawn , a two hour commute(each way)in the evenings all he had to look forward to was raiding the drinks selection under his staircase getting pissed and starting all over again, all this on a 6 figure salary, why fucking bother?  

Anonymous newmania said... 10:48 pm

There is a remarkable correlation between the 19th century spread of churches across the West and the appearance of bars. QED churches cause drinking.  

Anonymous newmania said... 10:50 pm

If it doesn't produce Christian results, it ain't Christian.

Yes but which is which has been a matter of some debate amongst various christian groups . I use the term "some debate" in the "endless bloody slaughter "sense  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:50 pm

mr mania
there is hsitorical evidence for that, apart from belgian monks
btw I may have a lie in but ive been single for 12 months have gout and no children
so you win mr mania  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:57 pm

Putting a curse on Pietro does not seem very kind N.

My favourite is 'vesall Þinnar skaldbjorgar', which is old Norse for 'May a plague descend upon your ramparts'. Apparently.  

Anonymous newmania said... 11:14 pm

I would prescribe a blow up Milton Friedman , I `m told it is completely satisfying .Yes this marriage thing can be good . Why not join the Conservative Party , a winsome philly from the shires will soon be fussing over the Sunday Roast whilst consulting the Nigella Lawson book of secret sex tips .

There are worse things . Conservative women really are smut on a stick.

C I have not cursed Pietro. Since the John Smith affair I have been terrified of my powers. Incidentally can one purchase a lock of the Broon hair on E bay.
Just wondering  

Anonymous newmania said... 11:17 pm

Fuck me !!!A plague has just descended upon my ramparts . What the.....?!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:38 pm

No sign of the lock that I can see. Shall we digress into the Wicked Wasp of Twickenham?

Any misfortunes that have come to pass, ramparts-wise, are none of my doing.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:02 am

I have never been involved with a woman who had strong political views (other than when they disagreed with my wilder statements)
The sight of all those tory wannabe hangers on tarts at the Conservative networking parties that Guido seems to like fill me with revelusion, not that I disagree with networking, its just that when I see it in a woman I think it smacks of desperation.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:04 am

I'm yet to be involved with a woman with even half-way sound views, although my estranged wife was in the process of being converted.  

Anonymous newmania said... 12:22 am

I think it smacks of desperation……..and this is a bad thing ? This is the limping wildebeest !Prey upon it .

These young romantics.

Anonymous Anonymous said... 12:23 am

They had sound enough judgement to give us the elbow.
I know im going to wake up in a few hours with a foot that looks like freshly boiled ham and feels just like one, despite the huge overdose of ibuprafen  

Blogger james higham said... 7:16 pm

I like the way Peter Hitchens totally ignored my comment.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 8:51 pm

james higham said...
I like the way Peter Hitchens totally ignored my comment.

No doubt you're used to it sweety.
Heres a hankie to weep into .  

Anonymous newmania said... 11:21 pm

Your comment was not ignored James if you read back it was disagreed with by me and Phitch, PHITCH and I , I mean.

...and i wouldn`t toucjh a Phitch hankey if I were you(Or a C hankey ..blow up Milton Friedman .....and on and on and on.......)  

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