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The Village of the Damned

Pity the residents of the Swedish village of Fjuckby. They want to change the name as people, get this, make mock, and this has affected property prices. More here.

There was a vast outbreak of bowdlerising of British place names in the 19th C, and a village near my old barrio - Passingford Bridge - used to be Pissingford Bridge. The all time favourite has to Nottingham prior to it dropping the leading S.

Sticking with our European friends, and raising the tone a touch, yesterday the Belgians fell for a TV hoax news flash that Flanders had declared independence. I suspect that cut rather too close to the bone.
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Anonymous newmania said... 11:18 am

Raise the tone my arse C you know full well that silly place names beats political content everytime .

I holidayed near the Bodmin Moor this year and was able to spend a pleasant afternoon on `Brown Willy`
A notable promontory.

Better off out ....you know my views on Europe  

Anonymous Stephen Tall said... 11:48 am

"The all time favourite has to Nottingham prior to it dropping the leading S."

Strange the good folk of Scunthorpe decided not to go down this path...  

Anonymous newmania said... 11:55 am

There is a town called Dildo in Canada. ?  

Anonymous newmania said... 11:57 am

Anus, Batangas, Philippines
Anus, Irian Jaya, Indonesia
Anus, Laguna, Philippines

I have found amine and now stop cheating  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:04 pm

Stephen - shows a woeful lack of wit on the town's part. Apparently e-mails to Scunthorpe.gov.uk were blocked by its mail filters at one point...

N - There certainly is. Go at the right time so that you can catch the Dildo Museum interpretive centre and the Historic Dildo Days celebration in August.

Meanwhile, let us all hail the Eseex village of Ugley, home of the Ugley Women's Institute. Rumours of an Ugley Girls School are unconfirmed.  

Anonymous newmania said... 12:06 pm

Chinaman`s Knob  

Anonymous newmania said... 12:07 pm

Sorry Chinamansknob is in Australia  

Anonymous newmania said... 12:09 pm

OK one more


Anonymous peter hitchens said... 12:15 pm

knob creek in kentucky
home to the worlds best machinegun shot  

Anonymous peter hitchens said... 12:30 pm

americans enjoying themselves here


Blogger dearieme said... 12:37 pm

Wikipedia reports 'One of Ugley's organisations, of long repute, is the Ugley Women's Institute. Its members became so annoyed with all the witticisms that they recently changed its name to "The Women's Institute (Ugley branch)." '
Not a great improvement really.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:42 pm

Peter, the going rate for M16 ammo seems to be 80 bucks for 500 rounds, so a day of blasting old cars must be quite pricey.

Elsewhere, I've seen an estimate of $20 per second for minigun ammo.  

Blogger Rigger Mortice said... 1:39 pm

superb,but why are so many of them fat?

compared to army ranges much better,there's shit to aim at and even better it burns!!!!!  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:32 pm

the knobcreek night shoot is even better, they have explosives (+:
and flame throwers (+:
and we live in a feminised country where grown men think discussing banning replica guns or knives is a valuable or normal way to spen their time.
for me any man who isnt interested in weaponry is suffering from some abnormality  

Anonymous newmania said... 3:03 pm

Hows you Gout P better i hope .
I disagree I find guns a bit dull as I don`t want to shoot anyone . I think , however all men should have a "kit" requirement of some sort .

Mine is music equipment and bike stuff on which I have wasted thousands  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:14 pm

Does having a graveyard, erm, treasure trove of computer components knocking about count?  

Anonymous newmania said... 3:52 pm

Very much so C I think the origin of the word hobby is in Tristrand Shandy where Uncle Toby has a Hobby Horse and is obsessed with replaying some battle or other. All men have obsessions.

Its what makes us great( That and worship of the phallus by the jealous female of the species)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:01 pm

And absolutely nothing to with anal retention. I also have rather a lot of old maps....  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:36 pm

mr mania
agree on the kit stuff , any ma who doesnt like buying "stuff" for some kind of machine is odd (see gordon brown)or know how to drive (also see gb)
what i really meant was a "man" who hates weapons , i have frieds who have no real interest in buying firearms or weaponry , but most aprreciate the workmanship and utility even if they dont want them for themselves nor would they deprive others of them due to some kind of hysteria
i also love knives  

Anonymous Mr R said... 9:12 pm

PH - I love knives too, and have spent a small fortune on them. Ok I need them for my job but I appreciate the craftsmanship involved in the making of them too, especially some of the amazing new japanese stuff like the titanium or ceramic knives used for sushi work.

If you get a chance go to the National Armoury in Leeds, their collection of Samurai swords takes the breath away.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:20 pm

Agreed - The Leeds Armoury is quite something.  

Anonymous peter hitchens said... 1:01 pm

mr R there used to be a shop not so far from me that specialised in japanese kitchen knives , it closed)+:  

Anonymous Mr R said... 8:21 pm

PH - I get them through the trade. I recently invested in some MAC knives which are truly exceptional pieces of kit. They marry form & function perfectly.  

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