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Croydon councillors keeping their feet *out* of the trough

Showing a degree of forbearance not often encountered in those elected officials able to set their own levels of remuneration, the council is arguing against 'the recommendations of an independent panel to increase allowances for elected members in London'.

I'm quite impressed, although given that virtue is supposed to be its own reward, why did they put a press release?


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Blogger istanbultory said... 7:35 pm

Admirable restraint from our side. Bless 'em.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:42 pm

Must say I was a bit shocked too...  

Anonymous newmania said... 6:43 am

Not all Coucillors are that bad I know quite a few that work very hard and get nothing but abuse

I notice Croydon`s Couci.l tax has gone up 99.3%in the last ten years thouigh(ES)  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:02 am

Council tax went up by 99.3% from 1997-2006 under a Labour Council.  

Blogger istanbultory said... 3:42 pm

Anonymous is, of course, right.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:49 pm


Anonymous Torymory said... 5:51 pm

SHOCK HORROR!! Bromley Councillors reject independent reccomendations with regard to their allowances! But not what you think.

Bromley Councillors appointed an independent panel to look at their allowances about 3 years ago.

The panel recommended vast increases - and felt that Bromley Cllrs were grossly under renumerated.

Other than a couple of tweaks to redress some anomlies with regard to relative work loads, the Bromley Councillors rejected the suggested increase. Instead they merely added an inflation element onto their existing allowances.

A Bromley Councillor.  

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