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Political weasel words, continued

Like this one:

"Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett has called for a national debate on the future of Britain's independent nuclear deterrent". (source)

What I think Mags means is "Gordon likes it (Faslane and Rosyth, eh?), Tony handed in his CND badge a long time ago and I want to build up my stock with the activists in case I decide to waste my money on running for the leadership / deputy leadership".

Doubtless they will be talking of little else in the 'Flat Cap & Whippet' and the 'Mobile & Hoodie' tonight.

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Blogger istanbultory said... 7:20 pm

Mags currying up the die hard lefty tendency in Labour is an interesting development. Clearly, she has her eye on the Deputy leadership. After all, she has done the job before...as an English woman(?) she would bring balance to the Brown premiership. And Labour activists do like her.  

Anonymous newmania said... 10:37 pm

Calls for a national debate should have a good definition in the devil’s dictionary. I can only think of the obvious myself, as in Calls for "putting off acquiring a policy". In future perhaps we could forego the pomposity and have someone shout “Manyana. ! “

Hawaiian guitar music should be triggered by the word for the full effect.

I `m rather regretting being nasty about Croydon now as well. Why can I not see this Metropolitan groove nexus for what it is? Well....  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:50 am

The hypocrisy is breathtaking!
A national debate on trident from first principles from Labour?
Why then didn’t she suggest they discussed it at their recent conference?
Answer; because people like my MP, green-obsessive Alan Whitehead would never tolerate anything other than unilateral disarmament.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:39 am

IT - When she was the caretaker after the demise of Smith she get very huffy if she wasn't referred to as the 'leader of the Labour party', apparently. She's trading at 500/800 on Betfair for the leadership. They are not running a deputy leadership book at the mo'.

N - Shades of the Private Eye cover from way back which referred to Callaghan's (?) call for 'a great national debate' on the Common Market (remember when it was still just that?) with the headline 'Great national debate begins', atop a photo of people snoozing in deckchairs.

Matt - Quite a thing, isn't it? Oddly enough, Trident is reckoned to have well over 20 years life left in it.  

Anonymous newmania said... 12:42 pm

Callaghan's (?) call . You would have been about ten or eleven. I was reading the Beano and you were sharpening your politically informed satire . There is a dangerous edge between sagacity and personality disorder C, this precocity is worrying . Did you father take around the courts of Europe to show the crowned heads your ability to nail Old Lab with a devastating quip?  

Blogger dearieme said... 1:06 pm

Debate? As in "President Madasahatter of North Boratistan has just got nuclear bombs so is this a good time for us to give up ours?"  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:28 pm

N - yes, and I don't recall the cover from then. I was a child once, honest.

D - And there are probably the same quislings out there who would rather we submit to blackmail from the next threat on the horizon than face it down, the way we did the Soviet Union.  

Anonymous Big bang said... 5:33 pm

What's wrong with the old Trident?

30.10.6 17:25  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:41 pm

I think the subs will be a bit long in tooth ere long. I think they are scheduled for the knacker's yard circa 2030, but there is a very long lead time from coming up with the idea to having them operational. I haven't been able to find any details as to what our Uncle Sam has slated to replace his submarine fleet.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:21 am

Re Trident:

1 So, what is the advantage to us of being part of the US Navy? We pay for it, we man it but they hold the keys, they, and they alone, say what we shall do with it.

2 Didn't I read a few weeks ago that one of the subs is now in such a state that there were objections to taking it to sea in a dangerously unseaworthy condition?  

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