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Miliband for Labour leader?

It is what Mr Tony wants, according to nameless quotes made to the Mail on Sunday.

I'm still somewhat surprised that more trouble hasn't been made over Owl Magnet's deceased Marxist father, Ralph (formerly Adolphe) Miliband.

Meanwhile, Owl Magnet can be had for 38 over at Betfair, with both Broon and Johnson fading a bit. I dropped a couple of quid on McDonnell, just on the remote chance the People's Party are sufficiently silly to elect him.

Guido does quite the monstering of Miliband in his essay in Iain's blog guide. Most amusing.
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Anonymous Ellee said... 2:55 pm

Yes, yes and yes. I've long thought that Miliband might be the appointed one, he is just keeping his head down. And I read Guido's mauling of Miliband's blog too - an example of how not to blog, which is what I have been saying too many times. At least Margot Wallstrom talks about herself and her life and where she is spending the weekend, you get to know the real person instead of seeing only Miliband the Minister.e  

Blogger Peter Hitchens said... 4:35 pm

The only person in with a chance, the man who actually LOOKS like a prime minister is Brown, an economic illiterate and a social cripple, however, he possesses gravitas,Im not sure but that's probably Charisma for dull people.
Cameron, looks like an upmarket Cheshire computer salesman.
Campbell, you would trust him to draw up your will or deal with your conveyancing.
Milliband looks like what he is, a wanker who has never had a real job and devotes all his thinking capacity to irrelevant bollocks rather than practical matters.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 4:44 pm

I think part of the reason that Miliband, Johnson and old uncle Tom Cobbleigh and all are being talked up is because the press are just so bored with Broon.  

Blogger istanbultory said... 5:03 pm

Frankly, I don't give a toss who runs the Labour Party. As long as it isn't Alan Johnson. He's the most dangerous candidate from a Tory perspective. He's English, media-savvy, has been a minister since 1997 and managed to remain screw up/scandal-free(it would seem), has solid working-class credentials and seems to have resonably good relations with the Labour grass roots and the trade unions. He's not to be underestimated. We do so at our peril. We need a "flawed"Brown in No:10. 'cause we can beat him.
Milliband's got prime ministerial ambitions but doesn't have a chance this time around. As Mr. Hitchens correctly observes "a wanker who has never had a real job..."  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:54 am

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