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Why Gordon Brown is unfit to be Prime Minister

Because he has not mastered one of the basic sartorial arts, that of knotting a tie. All of these photographs are taken from the Downing St flickr stream, so these are photographs which his homunculi think are good. I have picked out the Ds and Es, and a scan of the stream will throw out the occasional C+, but that is about as good as it ever gets.

Exhibit A:

Just look at it. The average primary school pupil could do better. Loose, no shape, bad even by the standars of a four-in-hand knot. How much confidence would you have in a solicitor or a bank manager who dressed like that?

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

Another shocker

Exhibits D and E:

I have seen photographs of him where the knot has made me wince. What makes this particularly painful is that he generally sports heavyweight silk ties, not polyester horrors. As such, this is rather like drinking vintage claret from a plastic cup. Another serial sartorial offence is jacket gape at the back of his shirt collar, as in the Biden photo, exhibit E. Furthermore, his wife - formerly in PR, so well aware of image issues - allows him out in public dressed that, so he cannot claim the excuse of a careless bachelor.

Of the other male holders of the great offices of state, Miliband gets it right more often than not and Darling performs quite well. As to other potential PMs, Cameron is near invariably impeccable knot-wise, and Nick Clegg (no sniggering at the back) fares respectably. All of the previous Labour PMs outperform Brown too.

There are some other horrors which did not want to be downloaded here, here and here.

And he has form:

I would add a photo of YT showing how it is done, but the only recent photos of me suited and booted are either a little out of focus or show me a tad refreshed. Well, it was circa midnight and at a friend's wedding reception.

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Blogger Mr Eugenides said... 12:37 pm

Thank you, you've made me laugh like a drain. We'll add this to the charge sheet.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:40 pm

Delighted to have been of service. I have been pointing out his crimes against sartorial taste to anyone who will listen for some time.  

Blogger Jon said... 1:48 pm

Added to which, Mrs B. has all the dress sense of an Argos tent.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:55 pm

Dennis - Normally I regard political spouses as non-combatants, but following her speech at Labour conference last year she is fair game.  

Blogger Earthlet Nigel said... 2:46 pm

Dresses like his supposed intellect, well dumbed-down.
The undertakers should be able to provide something a little more bespoke, certainly better than his tailor does.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:35 pm

You would have thought that he could manage to do his tie up properly by now - check all the photos of him over the past 10 years and you'll see that he only has six of them.

That plain lilac one seems to get worn about three days a week. I'll bet he never gets any of them dry cleaned either.  

Blogger idle said... 6:12 pm

This comment has been removed by the author.  

Blogger idle said... 6:13 pm

I too have been hurling insults at the screen regarding the Gordian Knot. (I consider this to be my best pun for some time).

What McBust needs is a valet (and no, the T is not silent). Particularly when all those international heads of govt bods are jamming up London and blowing kisses at Obama. Thay all seem to have cracked it.

My second worry is that Cameron wears only white shirts, which is pretty common. I suspect that he has been subject to an order from Hilton's focus group. Makes him look like a photocopier salesman.  

Blogger talwin said... 6:17 pm

If his ties look like this, imagine (if you dare!)what his under-crackers must look like.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:25 pm

Idle - pleased to hear someone else observes basic sartorial standards. Nice pun, by the way.

Talwin - Now I need some brain bleach.  

Anonymous David Davis said... 8:20 pm

Isn't she called Sarah Hobbsbawm or something like that? She is quite, totally, as guilty as the rest. How could she have been shagged by a stalinist if she was not already one too?

And they all smell.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:02 pm

It was her partner in the PR firm who was the Hobsbawm. I had to check and am therefore disappointed at not being able to quip that while she is not the worst of all living Hobsbawms, she is in the strongest position to do the nation wrong.  

Blogger Old BE said... 8:50 am

I think Brown's decidedly unsharp image is quite deliberate. Remember the auto-cue in the line of sight thing right at the start of his reign? I think it is a strategy to paint him as above all the slick presentation of the Blair years.

Then again, the sharp suits of the Blairites were a conscious appeal to those who couldn't bear to see the Lefties' cheap suits in the 80s and early 90s.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:52 am

BE - Can't agree with you there. I think that the oaf really does not know any better.  

Blogger Dr Evil said... 10:07 am

Such profundity is surely worthy of an award. 'Twas very funny.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:38 am

Chalcedon - Glad you liked it.  

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