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Poll finds the UK has a lower proportion of idiots than other countries

Although far too many.

The ADL has polled folk in France, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Poland and these parts as to anti-Semitic attitudes, and on most measures we come out the best, or perhaps the least bad:

  • Jews are more loyal to Israel than to this country - 64% of Spaniards agree. We are last at a still shocking 37%.
  • Jews have too much power in the business world - 67% of Magyars agree. We are last at 15%.
  • Jews have too much power in international financial markets - 74% of Spaniards agree. We are last at 15%.
  • Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust - 56% of Magyars agree. We are last at 20%.
Overall, 10% of Britons agreed with at least three of those statements, compared to 47-48% of Spaniards, Poles and Magyars.

Further data mining shows that in each country, greater anti-Semitism is strongly correlated to being 65+, having little education and being a low earner.

The French, who much though I otherwise love them, seem to take in anti-Semitism with their mother's milk, are the least likely to see Jews as 'Christ killers', at 11% to our 19%. 48% of Poles do.

This is mildly heartening: "The United Kingdom was the only country in which there was a
marked decline in the percentage of respondents who believe that at least three of the four anti-Semitic stereotypes are “probably true” [from 2007 to 2009]

And a small corrective for anyone who argues 'I'm not anti-Semitic, I'm just anti-Zionist': "Respondents in Spain (74 percent) and the United Kingdom (66 percent) are most likely to view Jews more negatively as a result of actions taken by the State of Israel".

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Blogger Plato said... 9:38 pm

That's quite a poll! You have some great content on your blog and look forward to your next gem.

Blimey - I'm still astonished at Spanish views...  

Blogger Old BE said... 9:46 pm

We had a Jewish PM before Israel did...

From personal experience, I still find it incredible how many people express the occasional anti-Semitic view. There is certainly an impression that anti-Semitism is somehow more acceptable than other forms of racial/ethnic stereotyping.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:51 pm

Plato - Very kind of you to say. Armed with a few good bookmarks one can find all sorts of goodies. And some of the posts just write themselves.

BE - Albeit a baptised one. I know far too many Jewish folk who have been at the sharp end in this country, and have something of a hair trigger response to anti-Semitism.  

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