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Dubious poll finding o' the day

The Americans seem to be getting the hang of this daft opinion poll business, as the results (registration required) for the most and least desirable celebrity neighbours are in .

And Sarah Palin is the winner both overall and with men. Women would rather live next door to Oprah Winfrey, as would women 18-34. Men 18-34 prefer Michael Phelps, whoever that is.

Getting on to the infinitely more amuisng bit, least wanted neighbour is the dreadful Ms Spears, who attracts more opprobrium from women than men (fancy...), although she leads for both sexes and the 18-34 demographic. Rosie O'Donnell, a TV bod by the look of things is pretty unpopular too. Eliot Spitzer, the man who wrecked a career that looked to be taking him all the way, was the sixth least popular. I would imagine he would be a pretty good neighbour as he would spend most of his time hiding away. Hey ho.

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Blogger Armchair Sceptic said... 12:59 pm

Fascinating. I wonder what the results would be if the survey were duplicated in the UK asking whether people would like to live next door to Gordon Brown, Jonathan Woss, Jade Baddy, and others?  

Blogger James Higham said... 1:18 pm

Men 18-34 prefer Michael Phelps, whoever that is.

You seriously don't know, Mr C?

Happy New Year.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 1:38 pm

TWR - So many horrors to choose from. For me it would be a toss up between any of the cover stars of the cyan / magenta / yellow celeb mags and members of the cabinet.

JH - I looked him up, but my first instinct was to guess he was asportsman. I take my loathing of the Olympics very serioulsy you know...  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:29 pm

I think most of us would enjoy living next door to Croydonian Towers, actually, although I doubt it was an option on the survey. I'd imagine the dinner parties would be very convivial and entertaining.

Próspero año nuevo from the colonies.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 5:20 pm

Geoff - very kind of you to say so, although I do tend to curse at government ministers on Radio 4.  

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