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Today's DPRK odds and ends

What's a revolutionary habit?

This, apparently: "giving a full play to the revolutionary habit of living in a cultural and emotional manner".

How very unlike our own dear bedsit Maoists.

Meanwhile, "Personages of various strata in south Korea held a press conference in Seoul on Nov. 19".

I'm planning on meeting personages of various strata at the pub later.

And one from a few days ago:

"The Japanese reactionary ruling quarters, obsessed by anti-DPRK hysteria, are now more vociferously asserting that "pressure upon north Korea should be increased" and "it is necessary to apply additional sanctions" against the DPRK.....The DPRK's reality goes to prove that Japan's sanctions can never work on the DPRK but are futile....The Korean people's resolution to take revenge upon Japan for its harsh sanctions against the DPRK and moves to stifle it is running high. The Japanese reactionaries would be well advised to lift the futile sanctions against the DPRK"

So if the sanctions are futile, why call for them to end, eh?


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Blogger Bruce Fleming said... 6:09 pm

Perhaps the point is that although the sanctions have been ineffectual they nevertheless amount a slight to the dignity ("kibun") of the DPRK, which must be avenged.

Sorry, I only arrived here a couple of days ago and already seem to be developing something of a King Charles's head.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:37 am

Tiresias - Insight and analysis is always welcome.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:11 am

Reactionary Croydonian! You will not flourish as the mouthpiece of US fascist interests in Croydon (i.e. Macdonalds, KFC etc.) The revolutionary proletariat of the Croydon underclass are getting more and more irked of your élitism. Let what happened to Damian Green be a warning!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:35 am

KJP - Although I am amusing myself in the process. However, the Uncyclopedia entry for Croydon suggests that the natives are none too bothered.  

Blogger Bruce Fleming said... 3:40 pm

Today's leading item (usual place):

Scientists of the [DPRK Hydro-meteorological Gauge] Institute have also developed a remote-controlled rainfall gauge.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:44 pm

They are a talented bunch, aren't they?

I was thinking of adding that to the daily DPRK report. The bloodcurdling threats to Uncle Sam should he cross 0.001 of a centimetre into NK is my favourite.  

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