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News you might have missed

As ever, the running dog media in London has missed the real stories of the day:

"Speakers [in Laos] said that under the Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il the Korean people have achieved shining successes in all fields of politics, military affairs, economy and culture while steadily advancing along the road of socialism, decisively smashing the imperialists' anti-DPRK moves....they stressed that the DPRK football players beat the U.S. team to emerge the winner at the first FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup, a striking manifestation of the vitality of the Songun politics pursued by Kim Jong Il". Source

And what does the DPRK's failure to qualify for the last World Cup tell us? Maybe Japan and Iran were aided by their lack of Songun politics and non-adherence to Juche?

And there's more:

"Good politics helps produce a great number of persons of talent and a country will prosper only when it has many persons of this type...The persons of talent are the most important treasure of the country and the nation" - and here comes today's top DPRK-ism - "The WPK has trained persons of talent, fastening its belt to this end".

And another mysterious gift:

"General Secretary Kim Jong Il was presented with a gift by the government delegation of the Dominican Republic on a visit to the DPRK". Source

And rum doings in Seoul:

"What merits more serious attention is that the Lee Myung Bak group is busy cooking up various kinds of ultra-right conservative organizations in an effort to eliminate the progressive forces in south Korea".

A bit like brown windsor soup, maybe?

And not forgetting the greatest polymath since Jefferson:

"General Secretary Kim Jong Il provided field guidance to the Rakwon Machine Complex and the Soap Shop of the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory....Saying that all cosmetics including toilet soap, toothpaste, cream and lotion produced at the factory are very high in quality ranging from their composition to their packing, he noted that this is the fruition of the persevering and tireless efforts made by the workers of the factory in the spirit of devoted service to the people. He stressed the need to ensure the best quality of cosmetics to be supplied to the servicepersons and people and indicated the tasks to be fulfilled by the factory and ways to do so".

There may well be a bad pun for the having in that extract, but after wading through that lot I am barely maintaining the will to live.


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Blogger Nick Drew said... 2:35 pm

i should imagine the long-suffering NK servicepersons require a great deal of the Rakwon Machine Complex and Soap Shop's very highest quality KY jelly

it is good to know it comes in such excellent packaging too

I well recall the Lee Myung Bak group, they played Ronnie Scott's quite regularly in the '80s

they were great favourites of Ken Clarke's, which is probably why they are in bad odour with the DPRK

you may wish to know that I, too am fastening my belt to the end of a person of talent: it is Yvette Cooper-Balls ...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 2:42 pm

ND - Sadly true.

I feel that YC-B has missed her vocation as one of those Burmese women with dozens of brass rings around her neck.  

Blogger Bruce Fleming said... 8:29 am

This comment has been removed by the author.  

Blogger Bruce Fleming said... 8:32 am

What a thoroughly civilised blog. I am ashamed that it has taken me so long to discover it.

I trust that the Dear Leader is well recovered from the cold that prevented him from leading the conga at the DPRK's sixtieth anniversary knees up.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:17 am

Very kind of you to say so. One does one's best.  

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