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A thousand years ago, or the anti-Brown putsch

In May last year I rooted around to see who did and who did not nominate Brown. And here it is.

So, who of the motley would-be regicides have the right to say 'I told you so' (the sweetest four words in the language...)?:

Charles Clarke
Frank Field
Ian Gibson
Siobhain McDonagh - to my immense surprise
John McDonnell
Gordon Prentice
Graham Stringer

The seven (And no, they do not deserve to have 'magnificent' or 'samurai' appended) are in open revolt, and props to Guido for his working list.

Others who did not take part in the North Korean leadership election for Brown and are reckoned restive are the following:

Diane Abbott
Jeremy Corbyn
Ann Cryer
Michael Meacher

That leaves some 29 of them eligible for the living of Bray.....


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Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:01 pm

In the hope of adding further to the gaiety of the nation, does anyone know why John Prescott has not thrown
his weight behind Brown?

Hull's best known seems to have been very quiet recently.

Does this mean anything?  

Blogger Old BE said... 1:22 pm

Now that the pressure is off Mr P during the summer, he has slimmed right down to 11 stone. Therefore not much weight to throw behind Mr B...  

Blogger Letters From A Tory said... 8:31 am

Goodness knows who'll be on the list of Labour infidels by the end of conference season.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 8:44 am

And there was I thinking that JP would be taking the opportunity to spend more time with the contents of his fridge.

LFAT - lovely, isn't it?  

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