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Conspiracy corner

Worldpublicopinion.org has been asking who carried out the 9/11 atrocity, and an absolutely appalling 43% of my fellow countrymen do not say Al Qaeda / Islamofascists etc etc.

Five per cent finger the US government, one per cent the Israelis, 12% 'other' ("Those who simply characterized the perpetrators as "Arabs," "Saudis," or "Egyptians" were included in the "Other" category"). 26% could not muster an opinion.

Still, it could be worse. 23% of Germans blame their Uncle Sam, as do 15% of Russians, Ukrainians and Italians.

And that is before we get onto the Middle East....

31% of Jordanians blame Israel, with only 11% blaming AQ. 36% of Turks blame the US, as do 27% of Palestinians.

Two cheers for Kenya and Nigeria, both bettering 70% for the right answer.

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Blogger ScotsToryB said... 4:51 pm

My reading of the table is: 57% Al Qaeda, 12% other, 26% DK and 5% Yankee Deevils. That's 69% in the right area and

26% who do not know.

As Al Qaeda is a made up umbrella term (didn't Cook say it meant 'file' or something similar i.e. a codename) then

the people who stated particular terms that are included in 'other' should be added to the 57%.
The 'don't knows' may (or not) comprise those who are undecided because, like Dunblane, evidence is being suppressed; I would say
that is a legitimate concern, not a conspiraloontruther argument and so should also be added to the 57% (I also take the view that the general public probably has that percentage of people amongst it who have such little knowledge or interest in the subject that they should be discounted from the report anyway and so, the argument
would be that the total 100% should be arrived at via 57% and 12% and 5%).

Which would give respective figures of: 77%(100/74x57),16% and 6% ergo 93% of the great unwashed think it was to do with the umbrella organisation known as Al Qaeda and 6%+ think it was them dem Yankees (include the 26%DKs and the figures still come out better than your interpretation).

Al Qaeda stats,eh? Dontcha hate em?


Blogger Croydonian said... 5:29 pm

STB - Yup, that's a fair glossing of the findings.  

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