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Petition o' the day

" We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to Use the UK military to help protect endangered wildlife across the globe".

I am NOT making this up.

So, perhaps every panda could have a team of bodyguards, and maybe razor wire, klieg lights and minefields should surround the rarer orchids. After all, the British armed forces have little to do beyond play cards, drink and stare out of their barrack windows at the moment.

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Blogger Nick Drew said... 5:20 pm

military to help protect endangered wildlife across the globe

is that like Boy Scouts helping old ladies across the road ?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:28 pm

They cd use Jaguar fighters, Alouette helicos etc.  

Blogger flashgordonnz said... 9:09 pm

ANd tactical nuc warheads on preditors!

Unless they are endangered too... Yeps: who's with us and who's agin us?!  

Blogger Caroline Hunt said... 9:27 am

Since as flashgordonnz points out the predator threats tot eh endangered species may well be endangered themselves a military peacekeeping force is surely more appropriate than a tactical attack force. Sounds like a job for UN blue helmet chappies. Not like they're doing anything more important at the moment...  

Blogger James Higham said... 6:02 pm

You appear to have a thing about animals today, Mr. C.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:13 am

CdG - The possibilities are endless aren't they? Leopard tanks, F-16 Falcons etc etc

FG - That would keep the wolverines at bay, wouldn't it?

Caroline - Yup, we can't have the white mice sitting on their hands, ca we?

James - that's just the way it shakes down sometimes.  

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