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A Kiwi Tony Martin. Only without the complications.

Tony Martin, it might be recalled, used lethal force in defence of property, although there did seem to be elements of entrapment / retribution. Nevertheless, much of the nation was outraged that he ended up in the Big House for taking the law into his own hands failing the catastrophic failure of Norfolk's 'Finest' to do anything to protect his life and property.

Anyway, if that was bad, what of this from the Antipodes:

"Waikato police say they do not yet know if they will charge a farmer who fired two warning shots over the heads of two men he caught allegedly stealing petrol from his Morrinsville farm".

The New Zealand Herald has more details, but the core of the story is the possibility that a very mild exercise in force in defence of property could render the farmer liable to prosecution. So what should he have done? Handed his keys etc to the criminals, and then called from a payphone in order to let them thieve in peace?

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Blogger Newmania said... 12:16 pm

...or perhaps shot himself just to make life a little easier. I am armed with a cricket bat at home C but I think the sight of newmania tackle plunging from side to side framed by an undone dressing gown belt and folds of velvet will be more off putting .

Picture it in slo -mo . Cruel and unusual wouldn`t you say  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:46 pm

Simple defence: Officer, I was shooting at the crows (for daytime)/owls (for night time) and didn't even see those blokes pilfering the petrol. Let Waikato's finest try to disprove that!  

Blogger M said... 8:34 pm

Perhaps he should have realised that the thieves are obviously the victims in all of this, and he's obviously oppressing them in some sort of way. That's the basics, I'm sure some people can be hired to flesh it all out and make sure nobodies to blame, apart from the farmer of course, what does he want a vehicle for anyway?  

Blogger Theo Spark said... 7:45 am

Tony is a bloody nice chap  

Blogger flashgordonnz said... 1:31 am

Note: Nizilind has a Labour government. But it gets worse: they are in coalition with Greens...
We like to think we Kiwis are staright up and down folk what call a spade a spade. But we are infected with the nanny virus, so I don't know how long we have. Hopefully our "tory" party, with its new leader has an antidote.  

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