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How to lie with statistics?

Note the chart above. How would a reasonable person describe the trend? Upwards, as Dizzy did when posed the question, or if being really liberal, plateauing?

Not at the BBC site they do not: "But at the same time, the trend in gun crime overall has been going down". Yes they do, right there in the fourth paragraph.

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Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:38 pm

Hi there

I'm a long time reader and totally addicted to your blog!

I¹m a brit living in Toronto and I thought you¹d love this ad campaign that is causing so much fuss over here.

Here¹s the video and the site


and here’s the hysterical Canadian reaction:



Blogger CityUnslicker said... 9:24 pm

C are you in favour of privatising the BBC?

Personally I am as our media undustry is strong enough without a £2.5 billion pound subsidy. Moreover, moving the BBC to a real accounting system may help to make some of its staff concentrate some more when trying to appeal to their audience.  

Blogger gitanodemurcia said... 11:54 pm

Why I dislike england

Lack of character
The food is rubbish
You cannot smoke in bars
They eat burgers with knives and forks
They dont eat bones with their hands but they thet wipe their asses with their hands (lovely)

Wine in restaurants is overpriced
There are no nice local restaurants
Almost impossible to find a decent bakery
Supermarkets breads use dreadful ingredients and they get soggy very quickly
Too many healthy people have disabled badges
Italian delies don't show the weight of what you buy
They have a useless queen. how ridiculous is that.
The weather is dreadful
Pubs close early despite the new licensing law...how pathetic is that
Supermarkets sell crap
Fruit at Tesco/asda/waitrose/morrissons.. is not ripe and taste like plastic
Lidl logo
Houses are very expensive
Brown was not elected
The queen was not elected
Trains are stupidly expensive
You have to pay to drive in the centre of London unless you buy a very expensive hybrid car
London tube is not open 24/7
People have strange accents
People cannot spell
People don't know their grammar
People cannot appreciate good wine
There are no village parties apart from plastic ducks races on the river
In villages, there are always some old weirdos doing charity work and selling cakes
No folklore
There is no culture
Football tickets are too dear
Too many yobs
All you can eat near stadiums is frozen burgers and sausages from horrible vans
New architecture is not monitored
Beer is hot
People drink to get plastered
B&Bs are horrible, smelly and expensive (that bloody kettle and small TV)
Always drinking tea with horrible cakes
Most males can only have sex when drunk
Too many pregnant teenagers
Too many hoodies
Too many chavs

Scots are everywhere
Margaret Thatcher once ruled
Kebabs are the national speciality
They serve wine using measures
English builders are rude
Plumbers are thieves
People don't demonstrate
They have brooms up their asses

They behave dreadfully when visiting civilised countries
Nurseries cost a fortune
GCSEs are too easy
They don't tell you what they think
Councils are always fining cars
Wardens are rude
Minicabs are rapists
England should be a prison for the worst prisoners
Prison are overcrowded
CSOs are policing on the cheap
Queues are too long at airports
Hospitals are dirty
Waiting lists are too long

GPs only see you for 10 mns
Rubbish is only picked up once a week
Sky is a monopoly
It is impossible to find a real tapas bar
Children are treated like aliens
Kids are banned from most pubs
Crickets is a ridiculous game with ridiculous rules
They eat cucumber sandwiches with tea!
Taxis are only for the rich
The bus lane on the motorway from Heathrow is only used by taxis with businessmen
You can't buy shellfish on seasides
They export all the cockles to Spain
They have weird camping sites
They outsource helplines to India
Lots of old people love walking with sticks
Old women wear flowery dresses
Aristocrats have patches on their jackets
They invaded Iraq
The major and his team and most councillors earn six-figures salaries
Hotels are ridiculously expensive
There are Estate Agents everywhere
All high streets look the same (boots, woolworths,mobile phone companies, shoe shops, oxfam, M&S, Tesco express, carphonewarehouse, no character, horrible..etc)
Have you ever given birth in an English Hospital?
The rich are getting richer the poor are getting poorer
Indirect tax is far too high
Tony Blair's wife and their 3.5m house
Bookies and how old fashioned they look
Pawn shops and how horrible they are
Shops like H Samuels that sell rubbish to the poor
Foul kids cycling on pavements (cat h)
General rudeness of bus drivers (cat h)
Too many Daily mail readers (cat h)
Car boot sales and the amount of stolen goods they sell
The Tate in St Ives is surrounded by very ugly buildings and the exhibitions are very poor  

Blogger gitanodemurcia said... 12:04 am


Blogger flashgordonnz said... 1:36 am

"The Tate in St Ives... the exhibitions are very poor".

F**k me: the country IS going to the dogs  

Blogger flashgordonnz said... 1:46 am

"Crickets is a ridiculous game with ridiculous rules"

Countries that play it do so to annoy those who don't.

You left out the one about england inventing loads of sports, then letting the rest of the world beat them at it. Footie, Rugby, cricket being the obvious ones...  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:56 am

"no folklore"? Just to be going on with, how about:

English history since 1066?
King Arthur and his Knights?
Alfred and the burnt cakes?
Downhill cheese rolling?
Pancake tossing races?
Maypole dancing?
Morris dancers?

[not English but] Loch Ness monster?  

Blogger Croydonian said... 7:18 am

Susie - Intriguing. Thank you.

CU - You betcha.

GdM is one of my mates, better known to my immediate circle as 'The Frenchman', and made this wildly off topic post with my permission.

While I do not agree with all of the lengthy complaint, I reckon that he has provided us with something to argue about.  

Blogger Praguetory said... 9:41 am

Quite funny Gdm - I liked

"Most males can only have sex when drunk"

but hasn't this something to do with British women too?  

Blogger Vindico said... 9:51 am

Gotta love the beeb. I want to live in their world where everything is getting better!!

The fact that a survey shows people would only pay subscriptions worth £1.5bn if the BBC channels went subscription based, means there is a £1.5bn shortfall (a tax) from the £3bn it costs us at present. I say privatise the beeb.  

Blogger gitanodemurcia said... 1:50 pm

I had not realised that today's Telegraph gives 30 reasons to stay in Britain, but quite sarcastically that is.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 8:00 pm

On GitanodeMurcia's first comment, I honestly read:

"Too many healthy people have disabled badgers" and immediately thought, "Well, what's wrong with that?"  

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