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The anaconda - cute?

Yes it is. It is there along with the rather more predictable lemur, orang utan, panda and dolphin in its list of 40, viewable here. The WWF requests that website readers should "Select your five favorite animals from the list of 40 below, and we'll keep score of the ones that receive the most votes. Then, come back on September 1, and vote for your favorite finalist as it competes for the title of World's Cutest Animal!"

Other left field candidates include the great white shark, dugong and and the walrus. I deem it remarkably gutless of them not to have included the adonis that is the naked mole rat...

I am sorely tempted to attempt to kick start a campaign in favour of the anaconda, but one has to register to vote, and doubtless that would precipitate an avalanche of begging e-mails.


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Blogger lilith said... 11:59 am

I like your new pic, C. You're a handsome chap!  

Blogger Croydonian said... 12:02 pm

Very kind of you to say so. My Ma agrees...  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 2:30 pm

Sorry, I gots to ask.. Is that Croydonian is in Croydon, Surrey?  

Blogger James Higham said... 6:01 pm

Lilith thinks you're as cute as an anaconda.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:33 pm

Jonz - sure is. I'm a CR0 chap.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:50 pm

The contest is infantile. Why should an animal have to be "cute" - in human judgement - to be worthy of life? Anacondas are fine with me, and I have a soft spot for iguanas. (Actually, truth be told, they're awfully cute.)  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:17 pm

PS - How would an anaconda write a begging letter? It couldn't even write a poison pen letter, because it doesn't have any poison.

On the other hand, it may know something of your past and try to put the squeeze on you ...  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:11 am

Verity: I imagine that if any snake-like creature tried to put the squeeze on you it would be likely to finish up as a nice pair of shoes and a few handbags..!!

PS: The (cute!!) DVD sniffer dogs I wrote about last week were presented with medals yesterday at the end of their stint here. It is estimated they uncovered fake discs to the value of around £3 million in their short stay. They leave for the US on Thursday and then back home to Ireland. The CD/DVD pirates must be rubbing their hands with glee.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:05 am

It has to be said that anacondas are rather fine looking beasts, but 'cute' is the wrong term, isn't it? I am, however, braced to fight off any attempted squeeze by an anaconda or any other constrictor.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:28 pm

Interesting, Nomad, because,although they have no concept of medals, dogs do seem to understand when they are being honoured and rewarded, which is nice.

On the other hand, cats have absolutely no concept of reward or human approval at all. The only reward they are interested in is food, and even then, when you put something down, they are likely to sit next to their dish eying you with a steady, unpleasant glare that says, in effect, "I ordered the salmon."  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 6:38 am

V: Same with horses I think. They always seem to sense something good when they are garlanded with rosettes and ribbons for good jumping.

Suggest you sell the ungrateful cat and buy an anaconda. I'm told they only need the odd goat or two once a month to keep them tickinmg over..  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:25 pm

Nomad - I wouldn't know where to find a goat! Besides, people who keep cats find their lack of inclination to flatter or please admirable.

Yes, I hadn't thought of horses, but they do seem to be pleased to be garlanded and so on. People who spend time around race horses say the horse knows when it's won a race.  

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