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Guess who won't be getting preferment under Broon

A bit of rooting around here and here has allowed me to isolate those Labour MPs bold / stupid / principled enough not to nominate the Dour One for the Lord Protectorate:

  • Diane Abbott
  • Ronnie Campbell
  • Martin Caton
  • Michael Clapham
  • Katy Clark
  • Charles Clarke (who actually has the courage of his convictions, unlike those bed wetters Byers and Milburn)
  • Harry Cohen
  • Frank Cook (Thanks to Andrea for pointing this out)
  • Jeremy Corbyn
  • Jim Cousins
  • Ann Cryer
  • Jim Dowd
  • David Drew
  • Bill Etherington
  • Frank Field (way to go Frank)
  • Mark Fisher
  • Paul Flynn
  • Neil Gerrard
  • Ian Gibson
  • Nia Griffith
  • Dai Havard
  • David Hayes
  • Sylvia Heal
  • Kate Hoey (she really ought to cross the floor. Good woman is Kate Hoey, even if I campaigned for her Tory opponent in the Vauxhall by-election of whenever it was)
  • Kelvin Hopkins
  • Lynne Jones
  • Piara Khabra (I hear he's not well)
  • Peter Kilfoyle
  • John McDonell (like duh)
  • Siobhain McDonagh
  • Michael Meacher (Newly added - thanks for the correction)
  • Gordon Prentice
  • Linda Riordan (Thanks to Andrea for pointing this out)
  • Clare Short (Would she have been eligible to vote?)
  • Alan Simpson
  • Dennis Skinner
  • Graham Stringer
  • David Taylor
  • Robert Wareing
  • David Winnick
  • Mike Wood
Most of them are old class war lefties, but corrections and insights as to individuals are welcome.

As a foot note, the Dour One scooped up 18/20 Mac/Mc MPs, both the O's and all six Smiths.

So, will Broon let bygones be bygones and have a group hug with the Campaign Group, or can the Jurassic Left etc expect to find horse's heads caught up in their bed linen?

Double checked, changed)

Of the Iraq enquiry rebels,
Godsiff, Jackson G, Marshall-Andrews, Soulsby and Strang bottled it.

All the MEPs supported Broon, the wusses.

The good guys at Labour-Watch have attributed seats to the refuseniks, and Norwich would appear to be the most heroic town in England as both MPs refused to back Broon. Only one Scot failed to back him - Katy Clark, while four Welshmen held out.


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Blogger Newmania said... 1:13 pm

Nice work C  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 1:13 pm

Ah, David Winnick - some-time MP for the old Croydon South (which is approx the same as today's Croydon Central) after a small accident in 1966 - I remember him well.

He bounced Sir Richard Thompson Bt, a hilarious old-school buffer who was already a figure of fun by the 1960s. Typical (first hand) anecdote: campaigning in Surrey Street market ...

Stallholder (recognizing his MP, for which most would be truly grateful):

Hallo, it's Richard!

Red-faced MP:

Sir Richard to you, my man!

(Collapse of stout vote)  

Blogger dearieme said... 2:55 pm

So, two humans plus the usual dross.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:28 pm

If you want the cockles of your hearts warmed, pop over to the Beeb's HYS. The top Readers Recommend had almost 700 votes endorsing his views of Brown, which were robust. Tee hee.  

Blogger Old BE said... 3:30 pm

Can't believe Joan Ruddock voted for him - the most important issue in the world for her is Trident.  

Blogger Guthrum said... 4:06 pm

David Drew is a good bloke, had many dealings with, local cons have always had a problem putting somebody up against him.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:26 pm

you've missed Michael Meacher  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:29 pm

Sylvia Heal is a deputy speaker, so that accounts for her.  

Blogger Dave Cole said... 4:30 pm

Short has resigned from the PLP, and so would not have been eligible to vote.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:56 pm

Piara Khabra is the father of the house, having been born in "1922..or 1924". (I quote).
Should he move on, I bleve the father/doyen will be 'im from Norn Iron.

Can't wait for frere Jacques to lose his immunity (16/6).  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:16 pm

Is not Father of the House the longest serving, rather than oldest member?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:23 pm

Father of the House is the informal title awareded to the Member with the longest unbroken service, not the oldest bod in the place.

The honour presently rests with Alan Williams (Lab, Swansea West), who has been in the House since October 1964.

Khabra's only been in since 1992, but he does have a better tradition of entertaining correspondence with Private Eye.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:29 pm

As far as the candidature of the present First Minister of Northern Ireland goes, there is a moot point here.

He was elected first in 1970, but his service may not necessarily be regarded as unbroken, since he resigned his seat in 1985 in protest at the Anglo-Irish Agreement, in order to precipitate a by-election (which he won).  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:45 pm

Interesting to see that Paul Flynn MP is on this list. Clearly he is not the most New Labour of MPs, but guess that even Austin Mitchell must have ended up rowing behind the Broon in the end....  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:55 pm

Nick - a fine tale.

Verity - yes, that has proved quite uplifting.

Ed - and as for Reid....

Williams A is in his late 70s, and must surely be intent on standing down?  

Blogger Nick Drew said... 7:33 pm

Verity, at your suggestion I just checked out that Beeb listing: all the top 20 were in similar vein (representing ,000's of votes)

Is it just possible that 6 weeks of this derision (see also the vile Guardian cartoons I linked to on CU's blog) could send the brooding McBroon into auto-destruct? - thus bringing your prediction to pass


Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:14 pm

Linda Riordan (Halifax) also nominated McDonnell  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 9:16 pm

And Frank Cook too  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:03 pm

The Tory MP Sir Patrick Cormack entered the Commons at the 1970 general election, as did Ian Paisley, and has been in the Commons continuously since. Should the fiendish plot to deselect him be foiled, I presume he'd have as strong a claim as Dr Paisley to be Father of the House after Alan Williams. It might come down to which of them took the Oath first.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:25 pm

Both Sir Patrick and Ian Paisley have slight clouds over their claims to longest unbroken service: Paisley because he took the Chilternm Hundreds (see above) and Sir Patrick because the general election constituency poll in South Staffs was cancelled and a fresh election held (death of a candidate after nominations closed).

Sir P's ire when he discovered he woild have to fight an election weeks later than anyone else was not unconnected to his fear that he might lose his place in the Fatherhood stakes.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:57 pm

Much interesting info on FotH, for which thanks.

Thank you Andrea (of PB?) for the corrections.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:01 pm

interesting list, two out of three Waltham Forest MP's didn't go for Brown. Did the third? No - he's IDS. Brown - a popular bloke for NE London. No one want's him, but we don't care.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 11:05 pm

Anyway they're all stuffed-I don't think he's the forgiving type.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 11:42 pm

How the fuck could you leave out Bob Marshall Andrews?
I hate the fact that he and his wife suffer from hoplophobia but apart from that he is a top chap, even lives in a house built into a cliff where the only visible sign is a huge eye shaped window.
Also likes a drink and a scrap and hates Blair.
Bob , come shooting with the Hitch and see the error of your ways.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:47 pm

BM-A's a sell-out, Hitch. I was appalled too.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 1:32 pm

C, at least a dozen MPs on this list will retire at the next GE...  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 5:10 pm

"Thank you Andrea (of PB?) for the corrections"

it was a pleasure! (yes, I'm Andrea of PB)

"two out of three Waltham Forest MP's didn't go for Brown"

both Campaign Groupers. North London still has quite a good number of left wing MPs originally selected in the 80's.

"least a dozen MPs on this list will retire at the next GE... "

7 of them have already confirmed they'll retire next time. And 1 is on the verge of deselection  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:02 pm

Andrea - I thought that was a fair guess on my part. Anyway, thank you for your insightful contributions  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 8:10 pm

Sir Peter Tapsell is next in line for Father of the House. He has sat since 1966, having previously sat from 1959 to 1964.  

Blogger Rob said... 11:22 pm

I think its only three Welsh MPs who have been brave - Flynn (Newport West), Griffith (Llanelli) and Havard (Merthyr Tydfil and Rhymney)  

Blogger Croydonian said... 11:28 pm

I made Caton - Gower - a Welshman too.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:26 am

-- and the abstainers were?
actually, we could do with the listing of the 'known' pro-brownies as well. most of us do not know the names of all labour mp's.
it is important to 'know' as much about the 'unknowables' as possible. pabd.
regards and congratulations - voteless  

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