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Just one year's peace and quiet on The Drain remaining.

The Drain being the underground line between Waterloo and Bank. Mobile 'phone coverage will be available at the stations, and even more horrifically on the trains themselves from April next year, probably, with the 'success' or otherwise of this trial defining whether the 'benefits' of miobile reception will be rolled out across the rest of the network.

At the risk of being accused of hypocrisy, it seems blinding obvious that success will be measured solely by whether London Underground makes money out of this venture, with the desire on the part of other passengers to be allowed to complete their crosswords etc in comparative peace not likely to be factored in. Given the lay out out of the network, one would be hard pushed to spend more than an hour underground, and doubtless many journeys are much shorter, so is it really too much to ask that connectivity a-holes contain themselves for the duration of a tube journey rather than inflicting their conversations on everyone else? From my use of the overground network and so on, oafish mobile use seems to span age, gender and class, and perhaps the network operators might care to point out that modern mobiles have extremely powerful microphones and high volume speech is not required. Mobile phone bellowers are therefore either morons or exhibitionists. Probably both. And no apologies for returning to this again.

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Blogger unothordox behaviour said... 3:59 pm

Erm...what about the issue of bombs triggered by mobile phones? I would have thought that the July bombings would have put paid to this dismal idea...  

Blogger Croydonian said... 6:56 pm

Good point. I will make that my reason, should I be consulted, and would encourage everyone else to do the same.  

Blogger The Hitch said... 8:52 pm

I love taking the train , beats flying into a cocked hat and certainly is far more pleasent that driving long distances.
When I lived in manchester and had to come to london on business I would take the train , a decent breakfast , arrive refreshed then get pleasently pissed on the way home , although at £250 (probably more now) it was a bit fucking steep.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 9:35 pm

There's a lot to be said for drinking on trains, and buffet bods are an awful lot easier to deal with than over-made up, permatanned, polyester-ed, rictus grinning (and that's just the men..) 'flight attendants'. I asked for a G&T on a plane a while back and the fool tried to bring me tea....  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 10:16 am

Why is ze Hitch trying to fly into a cocked hat? Do hats have triggers?

Life is so baffling.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 10:18 am

Maybe he has been launched by a rather large catapult?  

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