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Conservative Party boycotts The Guardian

Not as such, but that is what the Partido Popular is doing to El País, those two being the best matches for our lot and the Guardian.

And here's why:

El País has accused the PP of 'pure and hard Francoism' over the demonstrations it has organised of late against Zapatero's policies on terrorism (as blogged recently), before going on to say that some in the PP camp want to go back to the Civil War.

The PP wants an apology, meanwhile El País, other political parties, journalists etc are up in arms.

I'm not convinced that the PP has been entirely wise in its course of action, but if nothing else the stand off should be interesting. Would make for an interesting template for similar action in these parts.

I am off out to a funeral shortly, and will be turning on moderation.

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Blogger Newmania said... 10:25 am

Margaret Hodge managed a tense stand of with the local gazette in her time which is tough work when you have a paper mostly concerned with “Islington’s top Tot” and so forth. I would like the Conservative Party to get tougher with the BBC. Nick Coen pointed out it’s the drama that is to blame . The baddie is always a far right organisation , not the real enemies of the country  

Blogger Praguetory said... 2:55 pm

Hi N, Praguetory & his team of sock-puppets are slated as the bad guys in a forthcoming episode of Spooks.  

Blogger Croydonian said... 3:35 pm

N - Yes, it does all rather smack of a hissy fit on Enver Hodge's part.

P - Sounds exciting....  

Blogger gitanodemurcia said... 12:43 am

The PP (Partido Puta) has not digestes loosing to ZP following their lie to the Spaniards. They are not an opposition party. All they do is attack whatever the PSOE does specially concentrating on terror. THE PP IS A PATHETIC PARTY INDEED.  

Blogger James Higham said... 7:39 am

I've read every word of the post and the comments and it's like I'm in a foreign land. Whatever are you guys talking about? Is it in English?  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 3:44 pm

Los Populars are not like the Tories at all. The PP are an OPPOSITION party (as the Hitano suggests). They even DARE to oppose the nonsense of queer marriage. (Of which the ceremony should be drowned - in the toilet.)  

Blogger gitanodemurcia said... 9:07 pm

The PPS (Partido de los poofters) also opposed sex change. They really are a dreadful bunch. The good news is they are not gonna be back for a while.  

Anonymous Anonymous said... 4:28 pm

Why shouldn't they oppose sex-changes? It's a biological impossibility.

Hasta la vista, mi vieho hitano.


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